Sartorial Thursday: Let's Go On A Picnic

With warm sunny days upon us there are some things, for me, that are for certain:
1. BBQ
2. Picnics
3. Sangria

BBQ has been happening every night at my house.  We are grilling korean bbq, chicken, burgers and dogs and whatever else we have.  We've been eating dinner on our patio and loving every second of it.  Evenings are long and relaxing and I want these kinds of nights to last forever.

Picnics have been happening whenever we plan to go to the park.  We don't strictly do sandwiches.  Sometimes its fruit, hummus and pita.  Other times its fruit, crackers, assortment of cheese and some soprasetta.  If its just us we do iced waters but if we have friends joining we'll throw in some lime-a-ritas or some wine.  Picnics are one of those things that can feel so luxurious.  Just soaking in the afternoon under the warm sky, lounging around and being happy.  It's even better when you have all the gear you need to make these afternoons feel like an eternity.  


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