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Ready or not summer is here in the PNW.  We've been having gorgeous weather, shorts are in full rotation and personally we've BBQ'd nearly a dozen times already.  Summer is a big deal for me.  It's the time of year when all 3 of my kids are home and I'm not one to just let them lounge around all day, every day.  

There are lots of options for week long camps and we've been doing them for years.  This year is no different and my kiddos have been registered since April.  The oldest, Big Red is participating in a camp with the Seattle Children's Theater, he is now old enough to enroll in the "big kid" camp at the zoo, an amazing water themed camp that will allow him to sail, kayak and paddle board on Lake Union, swim lessons and gymnastics.  The middle, Donx, will also be attending the water themed class as well as a robotics camp and a completely different zoo camp, swim lessons, gymnastics and soccer.  This year my youngest, Crash, is participating in two camps, first a science camp at the Science Center and a zoo camp.  I'd like to enroll her in some swim classes as well but i'm not sure if we're to late for that as many classes are now filled up.

That seems like a lot but it really isn't in a bigger scope of no school time.  They'll have lots of free time to do other things.  I'm a big believer in some organized activity daily weather it be a craft we work on together, afternoon movies, quiet reading time or an afternoon field trip to a park, pool or museum.  I've started my summer list and its barely filled up but i'm trying to make it as interesting and varied as possible. I didn't get any complaints last summer and my boys played along so long as they had ample time to play with their friends.  I think the biggest struggle will be regulating the screen time, i.e. video games and kindles, with the kids.  Originally I was going to go with 2 hours of outside time = 1 hour of screen, but now I may go with 1 hour of reading = 1 hour of screen.  I think the latter may be a better option because they will play outside anyway, I do like them reading and will be recording all that they read this summer with some sort of reward if they read X amount of books (I have yet to determine the amount and am hoping I can just sync it with any of the summer reading activities held by the library.)

As I mentioned our list of activities is growing, I'm trying not to duplicate to many of the things we did last summer but somethings are to fun not to do over.  So far we have items such as:
Flying kites
Playing in as many pools and fountains as possible
Making our own family tree (per child)
Visiting the Hoh rainforest
hiking Mt. Rainier
collecting shells at the beach
visit at least 3 waterfalls
Experimenting with new popsicles
bike riding

One thing is for certain we will be wrapping up our summer with our usual get out of the city vacation and  we are all super excited about it!  

Until then its coming up with more fun activities/crafts to do with the kiddos to make summer fun and relaxing!

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