Little Changes

Maybe you noticed, maybe you haven't I'm changing the name of the blog.   Im in the process of securing the domain and will be getting that all sorted out.  I figured not enough people read this for me to do this in one big swoop and then relaunch the blog.  Eh, not necessary.  

Anyway, I thought the name Project Kinfolk better reflected the thoughts and topics I blog about.  Mainly, my family life in whatever form I choose to project.  I share our adventures, our crafts and DIY projects, what my kids wear, my feelings about them and my husband, my likes and dislikes.  Ultimately it all comes down to family life for me.  Project Kinfolk is my outlet.  

In the past I've wanted to make this blog more about me and my life outside of being a mom.  Over the years I've thought about it and I'm a mom and there is no shame in that and no shame in wanting to share that part of my life with everyone.  Being a mom has shaped me into the person I was meant to be.  I'm still me, I have never lost me by becoming a mom and I think in my writings about my life and my days it is obvious and therefore Project Kinfolk is born.

Now continue on....

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