Kids Wear: Boys Spring Wardrobe Filler

With our recent string of warm days I've had the opportunity of, finally, swapping out some of the boys winter to spring (spring transitional) clothing.  Naturally they grew out of a ton of bottoms and even without buying them much shirts they still have way more then necessary.  It is obvious they will need some filler items to last then through mid-fall, and because this is the Pacific Northwest they boys will probably wear shorts through late fall with hoodies layered over tees and potentially jackets layered over the hoodies.  

Some of the usual spring staples in their dressers are basketball/athletic shorts, track pants, hoodies, long & short sleeved tees.  Honestly, this doesn't change much from their winter wardrobe which will also include long thermal screen printed shirts, fleece lined track pants, jeans/cords and of course coats and beanies.  

Some ideas I had for dresser filler are:

010 by seattlemom featuring adidas sandals

Boys don't have a lot of options like girls do but my boys know what they like and normally stick with it.  My younger son, who is 8 1/2, is much more particular about what he wears while my older son still likes character tees and anything comfortable.


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