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I moved to Seattle in the sumer of 2012 and when I did I decided to make a huge lifestyle change.  I wanted to take care of myself and as a byproduct of that take care of my family in a much more healthful way.

Taking care of myself first was my first priority and once I got myself feeling better I could tackle the change with my family.

I dove in head first.  I started working out regularly with walking, lots and lots of walking.  Rain or shine, freezing temps or not I was out there doing my thing.  It turned into something I just did rather then something I had to do.  Within a month I was already feeling better.  I was feeling less winded and my energy level was high!

Once I got the workout to be just be part of my life I dove in with altering my diet.  I continued with my preplanned dinner menu, adjusted some of the food items (without leaving out my kids faves like mac and cheese).  I was able to still eat some great, yummy meals without sacrificing to much.  I was sensible and thoughtful and did not deprive myself of things I love.  Moderation!

Not even a year later I dropped 30 lbs.  since then I've been able to maintain that weight because I felt great. I still do feel great and all this has changed so much about me.  

Today i'm setting new goals for myself.  I'd love to start another chapter and drop even more weight.  I know its not realistic to be my early college weight, or maybe it is?  But I'd like to do more for myself and position myself to be in the best shape of my life within the next 5 years.  

I struggle with sweets, and who knows I may always struggle in this area.  But I know what's good for my body food and drink wise.  I do watch the calories I eat.  I'm proud to say I love exercising and something I never thought I'd embrace is outdoor activities.  I really, really enjoy mild hiking, outdoor adventures weather its walking through a forest or exploring the urban landscape.  My kids are enjoying this lifestyle as well.  I no longer hear as much complaining about these adventures and they have just learned to accept it and on the days where we plan an entire afternoon in a big park where we are able to hike, picnic, explore the beach, fly kites etc.....its a kajillion times more fun for them.

I've turned my habits around so much that they are no longer habits for me but rather just my lifestyle.  And it has been fantastic.  I have lots of energy, feeling winded over little things are a thing of the past, yes I still love a bowl of ice cream but my snacking habits have changed dramatically and I eat a lot more natural things that come from the earth.  I'm thrilled with the person I am becoming and a part of me wishes this happened a long time ago!

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