Dream: Living Far Far Away

I have dreams of escaping the city, living on a large piece of land where I don't have to see my neighbors but I know all my neighbors.  Even if this means my neighbors are a few miles away.  

I'll have privacy, room to grow things, raise living things, enjoy my land, watch my kids frolic on the land.  

We'll be self sufficient, we'll create things, we will make adventures every day and live freely.  I can be the woman I feel like I was meant to be, more then I am now.  

This dream resonates with me.  In big ways.  My husband and I both see this future for us and it always makes us smile.  My kids get excited about this dream and they love giving us input on what they envision our land to hold.  

If you want something bad enough it is possible to make it happen.  We are planning and doing what we need to do to make this our future.  Our dream to reality.  

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