Allergy Season

Raise your hand if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Raise them nice and high.  So that many of you, huh?  Me too.  Actually me and two of my kids.  And it sucks. Really, really sucks.  This time of year, every year I forget about all the allergy symptoms and i'll get them or my kids will and I always think, without fail, that its a cold.  I try to treat it with cold medicine and then after a day or two it hits me that things are blooming, which means pollens are in the air and BINGO I've been treating the wrong ailment.

This year I was hit first.  I was legitimately sick before the allergies kicked in so I feel like my head has been fuzzy for like 2 months.  It was pretty awful going from a flu-like illness and right into allergy fun.  Big Red was next and I recognized right away what the deal was.  I bought some quick dissolve children's Zyrtec and it helped him a lot.  And out of nowhere my littlest, Crash is now dealing with this crap.  Something new must be blooming if she's only being affected by all this pollen stuff now.  

I envy my husband and middle kid who has no issues with Spring.  Being in this constant state of sniffliness, itchy and watery eyes and stuffiness just sucks.

Blach.....i'm done now.

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