Spring Cleaning

It's quickly creeping up on that time of year when one does Spring cleaning.  What excites me most about this time of year is the wardrobe rotation and the purging of all the stuff we no longer need or want.  Normally we donate all the stuff we no longer want in our home but i'm thinking if we can round up enough stuff why not have a garage sale.  We shall see.  I have a list of things to tackle and I need to organize it in the most manageable way possible.

Here's my list:

Closets/Dressers (for 5 people)

  • sort clothes into piles 1) no longer fits 2)pack up for next fall/winter 3)crossover item keep in dresser/closet for spring 4)needs mending or good cleaning before packing 5) ruined or to stained = trash/rags
  • wipe interior of drawers
  • rotate in spring/summer clothes
  • do the same as above with shoes
Toys & Books
  • sort through toy bins throwing out broken and unfixable toys, create a pile of toys that are no longer played with
  • sort through books creating a pile of books kids have outgrown, if books can be handed down to little sis, so be it other wise donate 
  • create either a donate box and/or a box of toys to store to rotate back in at a later date when the kids have forgotten about them
  • dust and clean big toys
  • dust toy bins and bookshelves
  • put toys & books back
  • Clean windows
  • flip mattresses
  • wipe down walls and baseboards
  • make sure if cobwebs exist on ceiling they are cleaned up
  • vacuum 
  • Rearrange furniture if necessary
  • Clean usual suspects
  • empty drawers and cabinets and wipe down interiors
  • sort through medicines and throw out everything that has expired and take note of what needs to be replenished
  • clean exterior of cabinets & drawers
  • sweep and clean floor
  • wipe down and disinfect walls
  • Empty each drawer and cabinet and clean interiors and any utensil holders
  • Clean exterior of drawers and cabinets
  • Scrub interior of fridge and clean exterior
  • scrub oven and stove top, clean exterior of oven
  • run a clean/disinfect cycle on dishwasher, clean exterior of dishwasher
  • scrub sink and run a disinfectant through garbage disposal
  • scrub countertops and clean tile grout in necessary
  • clean windows
  • dust tops of hung cabinets
  • scrub walls and base boards
  • scrub and mop floors
Living Rooms, Dining Room and Office
  • Dusting of all items/shelves in room
  • scrub down of walls and base boards and eliminating any cobwebs on ceiling 
  • clean windows
  • roll up rugs and mop all floors
  • vacuum rugs and use upholstery vacuum on couches
  • scrub out any stains on white dining furniture
  • rearrange furniture if necessary
Laundry Room
  • clean washing machine 
  • scrub laundry room sink
  • clean out dryer especially lint trap
  • move dryer and clean out vent
  • clean under and around washer and dryer
  • scrub walls
  • mop floors
Storage & Garage
  • sort through boxes creating piles for 1)broken/throw away 2)donate 3) seasonal rotating winter boxes to rear
  • inventory items in the garaged freezer throwing out any item past their prime
  • organize boxes/bins
Area around house
  • sweep and clean up front porch
  • add any new plantings on porch if necessary
  • dust off and bring out patio furniture and outdoor toys
I think this may be everything but I could totally be wrong but this is a great starting off point!  

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