I Did It: Little Succulent Garden

I love the living centerpiece I made a while back.  Nothing makes me smile like pots of succulents and cactus. I always know that these are the plants that I can nurture and keep alive through thick and thin.  So after living with my centerpiece for awhile I thought it was time to make another succulent baby.  

I went to the nursery today and picked up a few plants.  a 5"-6" tall aloe vera, a 4" jade, and a few small filler succulents.  I knew I wanted to make something that was really packed into the planter with nearly no empty space to be seen.  I couldn't find any planters I really liked so I just went for what was cheap, which was an 8" terra cotta planter, it's not a regular tall one but rather a 6" tall planter.  I knew I wasn't going to keep it terra cotta colored and that once I got home I was going to paint it.

I got home rummaged through my garage and found a can of flat black spray paint.  I laid out some paper put down the pot and started spraying.  I think I sprayed 2-3 coats, enough so no terra cotta was showing through anywhere.  

Yes, yes, yes the interior is not totally black.  I only sprayed the upper, inner rim of the pot.  The photo above is not even a full coat yet but I did spray about 2-3 coats so it was solid black on the inner rim.  There is no need to spray below that rim since the soil and plants will be packed in.

Once dried I piled in some soil and packed the plants in to my liking.  And voila it was done and I think the pot turned out fantastic!!!

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