I Did It: Living Centerpiece

I have a long time love affair with succulents and cactus'.  I love how minimal and classic they are.  And although I say classic in a modern setting they look oh so modern.  No blowing in the breeze, just stark, stiff and always so green.  Yes they are low maintenance which was my original draw to these plants but over time that was the furthest from my mind.  

For the last few summers I've wanted to make a drought resistant terrarium, with succulents, cactus, river rocks, air plants etc.....And every summer I procrastinate and it falls further down my list of things.  Although its not summer I finally made it, without the help of my kids.  I made it my project and my baby and my thing that I look at and it makes me smile.

My mom sent me a little kit meant to be a terrarium starter:  it included river rocks, soil, charcoal and sheet moss.  This was the nudge that I needed.  I planned a trip to The Palm Room in Ballard and picked up a few items so I could absorb myself in my little living centerpiece.
I bought a fabulous concrete planter.  It's not to deep and the base sorta tapers in, it somewhat resembles a more angular wok shape.  I also picked up a few plants and two gemstone pieces for added decor.

I put it all together, and I am super pleased with the final product.  It's very minimal, but still decorative.  It's eye catching but subdued.  I smile at it every time I sit at or pass by my dining table.  And now I want to make myself another but with miniature ferns.

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