Twenty Fourteen

The clock starts on a new year.  Some people say "clean slate" and "new beginnings," me, not so much.  I say bring it on.  Let's handle the undone business of the previous year and grow in the new year.  I set goals not make resolutions.  I look to new challenges and welcome new opportunities.  I feel 2014 will be great.  2013 was good to me and I don't say good riddance I can look back on fond memories and smile.  And if I can build on what we created in this new year even better.

New Years Eve was spent with close friends, hanging out, eating great homemade tex-mex, karaoking it up and playing games.  Nothing flashy, nothing scandalous just a down home good time.  Kids change how you party and who you party with and this year was awesome!

May 2014 bring good times to all of you!

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