Countdown to Vacation

Although Christmas is less then a week away i'm more excited about our countdown to vacation.  Yes we are heading home soon for a much overdue vacation.  We've been having series of cold fronts so I cannot wait for this!

It's been a year since we've headed back to Hawaii and we are jonsing hard.  The kids were totally excited because the trip was unexpected for them. I'm looking forward to spending my holidays here in Seattle, recovering a bit and then jetting off to Hawaii in the new year.  Escaping the cold, soaking in some warmth and just really, lounging about.  Some friends of ours are coming along as well.  They have a time share in Waikiki so they'll be staying separatly but connecting during the day.  I'm glad they'll be there because it will get us out of the house doing lots of outdoor things that we sometimes need the extra motivation to do.  We've got a few hikes planned, like Maunawili Falls and Diamond Head.  Lots of beach time.  And even renting a beach house at the tail end of our vacation, this is still TBD.  North Shore is our first choice but we may end up down the road from my parent's house in Kailua (which will be strange since we only ever stay in Kailua with my parents hen we go home).  But oh vacation you are just around the corner and I cannot wait.
Taken Jan. 2013 at the Bishop Museum located in Honolulu, HI

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