Presidential Traffic

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I read this article on Yahoo! today and couldn't help but laugh.  Then laugh again.  You see this happened to us the other night.

On Sunday we headed out to Woodinville to meet friend for a late lunch at Redhook and an afternoon stroll along the river.  When we finally left it was just past three.  We took the Toll Bridge home because it was the fastest, most direct route back to the city.  WSDOT posted the the off ramp we needed to hop on the bridge was closed, that was a pain and we followed the detour.  Once on we sailed across the bridge until we reached the Montlake/University of Washington area.  I ask T if he will be exiting at Montlake as usual, he said "no" and that he thought the 5 would be faster.  He sails past the Montlake exit to continue to the 5 and no sooner then we passed the offramp that the free lanes are X-ed out saying "Closed."  It was now to late to avoid.  We queued up in the traffic line and waited.  And waited. And Waited.

After a bit we turned the car off and just parked.  Just like most of the other cars that were stuck.   Within minutes people were out of their cars and walking around on the freeway.  Some dude was even doing pushups on the roof of his car.  

T and I immediately got on our phones trying to figure out what the deal was with the freeway closure.  We scanned WSDOT's website, WSDOT's twitter feed and even the Seattle Times.  We found the 520 on ramp closure that made us detour.  We saw some other items but nothing about the stretch of 520 we were on.  Then T found something within one of the WSDOT Twitter feeds.  Obama was arriving in town, so the police went into overridrive shutting down a ton of roads!!!  They pretty much shut down the entire Interstate 5 running through Seattle.  This was posted in the newspaper and the WSDOT media sources.  Cool, for posted info but nothing about this stretch of 520.  The president was in town for one evening and was attending to private fundraising events both being held at private residences.  One north of seattle and one on the Eastside.

Fuck this shit.  I was pissed.  Sure list all the closures except this stretch of the fucking 520 freeway!!!!!  Yes I tweeted WSDOT back and complained about this BS lack of info.  T did the same and i'm sure a bunch of other people stuck on the road with us did as well.  Why can you post all these other closures except this one.  Why?  Why?

It was like the city went into overkill with the security measures.  Roads were shutdown even before Airforce 1 landed in Seattle!  Such a pain in the ass.  All I was hoping for was that none of my kids would have use the bathroom while we were parked on the freeway.  They would have to pop a squat on the freeway and probably cried the entire time!  

It was a pain in the butt.  I think I was more upset that all the other road closures were posted except this specific one.  Just plain inconsiderate.

Next time the president comes into time the city should alert everyone with one of those emergency blasts letting the public know they should just stay home and stay off the roads, since they'll all be closed!

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  1. Ughh... I feel your pain. Obama would go to Hawaii every Christmas and it would be the same BS day after day. Oahu doesn't have toll roads so traffic is bad enough as it is, much less when there was a motorcade or road closures.