Crafty: Indian Headdress

I love when I come up with a craft that all three of my kids genuinely enjoy working on.   This particular craft involved making an easy, no sew, feathered indian headdresses (or is it that a faux pas and I should be saying Native American headdresses?).  As I thought out how to make this I knew it had to be simple enough for my 3-year old and creative enough for my 9-yr old to just run with it and it was important to me that I would not need to involve any type of sewing.  That's when I realized this would be the opportunity I was waiting for to bust out my new heavy duty glue gun!  Yeah!!!

These wonderfully colorful headdresses were so fun and easy to make! The supplies we used were:
*assortment of feathers
*1/2 inch elastic (I measured the length from top of ear to top of ear going around the back of the head then added 1")
*1 1/2 yards of 1 3/4" brown velvet ribbon
*Assorted stick on jewels, buttons, flowers, and trim (the more the merrier right?)
*hot glue gun

I laid out all the supplies showed the kids how to gather and layout their feathers and then we got to it.

The steps were very simple.

  1. I measured how much ribbon each child would need by measuring ear to ear across the front of their head, then doubled it. I folded the total length of ribbon in half then cut the fold open so I had two equal pieces.
  2. While holding the ribbon across the child's head I then measured out the elastic, tucking in about 1/2" into each end of the ribbon .  You want it snug enough that it won't slid down but not to tight that its squeezing their head.
  3. We laid out one piece of ribbon, velvet side done, and hot glued the feathers on the wrong side of the ribbon (the kids chose out their feathers prior and the boys figured out the order in which their feathers would be laid out in before gluing).
  4. Once the feathers were glued into place we took the second piece of ribbon, dabbed some hot glue along the top and bottom edge of the wrong side of the second ribbon, and lay the wrong side down on to the first piece of ribbon, sandwiching the feathers into place. Be sure not to glue the short sides shut because we still have to tuck the elastic in.  *If you are using any trim like the pom poms my kids used you'll need to sandwich them into between the ribbon (step 3) by gluing the trim along the wrong side bottom edge of the first ribbon then gluing the second ribbon down.
  5. Once the feathers have been glued into place we started sticking/gluing all the gems and other decorations into place.  *The stick on gems were really hit and miss and I ended up hot gluing them into place.
  6. Finally we glued the elastic into place by tucking them into the open short ends.  I suppose you can do this step in step 3 but we decided to do it last once we had all the decorations in place.

There you have it.  Fun, colorful, headdresses   My kids had a blast making these and had even more fun wearing them around.  They didn't limit themselves to just wearing it around the house they were so proud of their work they wore it out around town!  So much fun, and its no sew which makes for a quickie craft project!

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