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As of last weekend we have officially moved into the new place.  We are only about a mile and a half from the old house so its all familiar territory for us.  We are NOT completely unpacked and are currently dealing with an unforeseen issues at the new house.  Not even the management company new about this problem but we are all working together to get this resolved ASAP.  Once resolved we can finish unpacking and start really living in this house.  The new house is so different from the amazing mid-century modern split level we lived in but it is still incredibly cute.  Our new home is a 40s style home, they call it "california cottage" here in Seattle, not sure why but they do.  We have a teensy bit less house space but our outdoor area more then makes up for it.

The new home is two levels and has gorgeous, original blonde hardwood floors, great layout, amazing landscaping (one of the previous owner was a landscape architect and completely made up the exterior), huge outdoor patio, playhouse with electricity and heater and a play structure that the kids cannot get enough of.  The lower level TV room is wired to be a media room and it remains to be seen if we'll even hook up our TV.

The kids have spent so much time outdoors in the past week that it makes it totally clear that we made the right choice choosing this houe.  They are really excited that once we are completely unpacked in the house we'll be doing a mini-rehab on the playhouse.  The interior is currently striped pink & white and we'll be likely painting it gray with white trim.  It is carpeted and I cleaned it up and it looks and feels okay but T is a little skeeved out by it so we may be buying a remnant and redoing the carpet so the kids are free to lie about in it.

For now here are some photos:

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