Nothing To See Here

I'm still in the midst of moving.  It all comes to a grand culmination this weekend then things will return to normal and I can start blogging sometime soon.  

I've been packing slowly, while still trying to maintain some sense of normalcy for the kids. The last thing I want them to feel is more upheaval not even a year after moving here.  The boys are still in school so of course I don't want to add to their already mounting school responsibilities.

We are getting the keys to the new place tomorrow, 2-days earlier then expected.  This means we get a total of 5-days to schlep our stuff over to our new place.  We have some hired muscle coming on Sunday to move things that are way to heavy for us and/or two complicated to move up and down stairs.  

In the meantime here's a photo of my new place:

This is totally different for us as, since leaving Los Angeles we've only lived in mid-century modern homes.  Although traditional and cottagey the inside is so bright and open and will serve our needs perfectly.  It's a fantastic location, walking distance to all the village necessities and a large local park and pool.  This will be a fantastic location for summer!

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