Spring Cleaning - Staring down the long, dark tunnel

Spring cleaning is something I both loathe and love.  I loathe it because it has been, historically, so daunting and time consuming and not to mention I never know where to even begin.  On the flip side I also love it because it allows me to purge things we haven't used in a while and to get rid of knick knacks that have accumulated over the last 6-12 months.  And who doesn't love a good purge of junk?

Well, Spring is officially upon us.  (And here in Seattle we have had a truly magnificent first couple of weeks of spring but that is a post for another day.) I have been thinking how I will tackle this years Spring cleaning.  Because I'm always looking for more efficient ways to do things I researched Spring Cleaning and have decided that tackling this annual chore "room-by-room" will be the most effective and least daunting way to get this done.

I found that the checklist at the Imperfect Homemaking to be the most compatible with my comfort level.  I took the list she created and copied it into Excel adding and removing items that did and didn't fit into my home scheme.  This week i'll be surveying my cleaning supplies and get started at the end of the week or over the weekend.  I'll be starting with my boys bedroom and the guest room.  Ideally i'd be doing one bedroom at a time but currently my two boys are in their own rooms and have requested to share a bedroom again so in the process of cleaning i'll also be moving Big Red, who is in the smaller room, back into the big bedroom with Donx.  If I have time I'd also like to a wall in their room to make it feel new and fresh.  

I'm giddy about this.  I love big projects like this.  Especially projects that allows me to purge & organize!  I get the feeling most females enjoy these sort of things.  With Spring upon us here in Seattle I'm looking forward to a fresh, clean house.  Less clutter.  And lots of organization!!!!

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