Life Happens

No sooner did the paint dry on the boys bedroom re-do did we get a call saying the house we are currently renting will be put on the market.  We will be let out of our lease with no penalty if we find something ASAP.  I love how that spin sounds like we are getting thrown a huge bone when I know the owners are the ones jumping for joy since they will get to sell sooner rather then when our lease is up.

It's only been 8 months that we've been in this house.  We moved last summer and pretty much spent the entire summer packing, moving and unpacking.  It was terrible and rushed and stressful.  We do not want to repeat this.

The day we got this news I began looking.  You see in Seattle the rental market is insane.  There is a lot of competition and we faced this last year and now with the school year still happening, and we'll be moving while the kids are in school, we don't want any additional stress and now we have requirements.  You know like school district, neighborhood and community.  We've started creating our life in this area, we've become comfortable and familiar.  Exactly what we all need in this still new city.  

There are about 3 houses for rent in our price range but only one we really like the other 2 or just "eh." One out of our price range which we looked at and is still a contender   There are lots of town homes and apartments but we aren't willing to go there; not yet anyway.

We saw one we really like, its a bit smaller then what we are in now and a totally different style but still beautiful.  I love this mid-century modern and its totally my preference but we are in a rush (again, like last year) so beggars can't be choosers.  We applied for the new home, the selected us and as I type screenings are in progress.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out and i can' check this ball of stress of my list.  

We'll buy again someday but that day isn't now.  I'm not 100% comfortable with where I want to be in this city.  T and I have a dream of what we'd like to buy and now is not that time.

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