About our Vacation

Our trip back to Hawaii was really nice.  We were there for two weeks, which is about the norm for us. I never really commit myself to anything because when I'm on vacation I like to live in the moment.  I know it must come off flakey to friends but I don't mean for it to be.  When I over commit myself to things I feel like everything just becomes a chore and I really don't want to do anything.  So I live in the moment and sometimes let my mom guide our activities.  

With the exception of T, we all got a nice tan, me especially.  It was kind of great to come back to Seattle with a winter tan, one that is still very faintly sticking around.  We went to the beach as much as we could, the weather was a bit rainy much of our trip so we did our best.  We hiked.  I worked out every, single, day.  It was actually really nice to be able to get outdoors every morning and run.  

For those that don't know I'm originally from Hawaii and my entire family still lives there.  A few of my cousins have kids of their own so there are ton of little ones, all about 10 and under, running around and getting to hang out.  This was D's fourth trip back to Hawaii but she's only 3 so she really doesn't remember anything, so this was her first time being fully aware of her little cousins.  There are 3 of them all around her age and she had a blast.  Everyday she wanted to see her cousins and play with them until the sun went down.  It was so amazing to watch and again made my internal struggle of "why don't I live here?" even worse. 

I did plan one night out, an eve with my cousins.  We hit chinatown, drank with late night happy hour pricing, sang loudly and badly to 80s music and watched one of us get a bit outta control and straight up barf right at the table.  I got a small tattoo with my cousin Marla.  T got scuba certified.  I didn't eat my way through the island like I normally do.  Why? Two reasons actually.  First, I've become a little obsessed with my workout and overall healthier habits so I'm not going to totally wreck it in two weeks. Second, much of that food I can find in Seattle.  So really the things I can't find like malasadas, coco puffs, cake noodles and really good manapua I did indulge in.  No guilt necessary.  

While T got scuba certified I hung out with my mom and kids.  Normally my mom & dad take the kids to the zoo, museums etc...  But my dad had to work so I did these things.  It was actually quite nice.  I hadn't been to the zoo in years and was surprised by how much nicer it looks and the animals looked good (Unlike the LA zoo in the summer when all the animals look dead!)  *I wish I could post some photos but my photo hosting is acting a little crazy right now.*  We also went to the Bishop Museum which was so beautiful.  Those buildings!!!!  My mom and I really wanted to go to the Bishop Museum to view the Alfred Shaheen special exhibit.  His clothing is so spectacular and to see many amazingly, well preserved vintage pieces in one place was a sight to behold.  I'm actually really glad I got to tag along with the kids.  

Ultimately our trip back was everything I had hoped it would be.  It was restful, peaceful, fun, I got to see a couple of friends who are as spontaneous with their planning as I am.  I didn't get into one argument with my dad, I didn't wake up with a massive hangover at all (!) and I left feeling rested although wishing I had planned a longer trip!  Isn't that always the case?

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