Indoor Plants

I like plants.  Succulents of all kinds, ferns, indoor tree type greenery, orchids, air plants  those types of plants are my speed.  I do okay with keeping them alive, except for the orchids that is T's territory.  He's become quite the orchid whisperer!  And when I say i'm "okay" with keeping them alive its mainly because I choose plants that are low maintenance and typically require very little attention from me.  

Many of our plants are kept outdoors and thrive in the sun but due to the wet weather and cold temps our plants have had to be moved indoors.  I'm normally okay with the abundance of planters but now that all these plants are indoors i'm not to keen on them.  Not to mention how low they all are and that we have them all sitting on melamine plates. I think it looks like a mess:

You see all shoved into a corner, a corner that actually gets quite a bit of light on a sunny day.  Funnily enough these plants are all thriving indoors; which they are probably all grateful for the warmth.

So I've been thinking i'd like to replant some of these.  Concerning the orchids, I don't think i'll replant but instead just paint the terra cotta pots.  I'm thinking just a gloss white and a second color and doing a basic color block.
I was thinking, with the gloss white maybe a metallic gold, bright glossy yellow or orange.  We'll see once I get the pots painted maybe they'll both end up white and gold.  The orchid in the smaller pot blooms white flowers and we found the large orchid shoved in an outside corner of the property when we moved and left for dead, but we've nursed it back to life and there are three buds on it.  We are anxiously awaiting to see what color flower we'll be bestowed with.  Maybe the color of the bloom will determine the color the pot?

We have a medium sized indoor tree which I have no issue with.  The pot is  simple and white and I like it very much.

As for all the succulents I'm thinking i'd like to transplant them into a single larger container or maybe two medium sized containers.  I really love the case study planters but I dont think its realistic for the succulents.  Maybe one day I can splurge and buy myself one for a nice indoor plant for my birthday.
T and I have talked about options on how to keep these succulents in a nice, organzied way and we both dig the look of a trough shaped planter.  Something long and narrow-ish, not to heavy and something easily moveable to the deck on nice sunny days.  Something similar to this was our first thought:
But again the problem is to low and  looks like a pain to have to move.  Ideally we'd like it elevated.  I've seen raised planters, but mainly outdoors.  

A few years ago we went to the Dwell LA Home show and saw these amazing planters and it took me forever to find it online but I finally did!  Raised, trough, white and with lockable wheels.  I do like the look of the industrial/utilitarian wheels and being able to move the planter so easily is such a bonus.  It's called the Food Map container and its pretty darn awesome.

This would work in the existing corner of the living room so the plants are able to have some sun indoors and the ease to move it around the house will be fantastic!  I remember when we first saw this at the Dwell show I was impressed that it was also made in a lower height that is perfect for kids to do their own gardening.  I so desperately wanted to buy one for the boys but at the time we had a massive cactus garden in our yard and having one of these would have been redundant.  Anyone the time has come in our lives where we actually have a purpose for one of these planters.  I think it will serve our purpose and its totally a look that T and I like and can live with.  what do you think?

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