2013: Let's Do this

With 2012 packaged up neatly behind me, nothing forgotten but definitely lessons learned, I welcome 2013 with open eyes, open mind and mostly open arms.

I want to embrace this year with big giant bear hugs and allow it to give me all that I can make of it.

I don't do resolutions.  I've learned that historically when I do this I fail.  My resolutions tend to be stupid, unrealistic and big, to big and broad.  But I never said I would never do this, in fact renaming them "goals" and setting these goals to be attainable is what I have to do.  

I've thought long and hard about setting goals for myself over the last few months and with the lessons I've learned during 2012 I think I'm now at a point in my life that I feel confident, determined and powerful enough to reach my goals and not give up.  So let's get this show on the road.

Just a warning this may be all over the place:

  1. Continue on the path of living more simply.  This has made me feel infinitely lighter both emotionally and mentally.  I feel much happier about life.  Living simply has been something i learned out of necessity and I've turned it into something that is now just a part of my everyday life.  In 2013 I'd like to learn more ways to simplify my life both personally and on the homefront with my family.
  2. Continue with my "me: exercise" time.  Healthy body, healthy me!  I want more.  Since my me time consists of me working out, I want to increase the amount of time I do this.  I'm seeing results in what I do and I'm liking it and want more.  Yes, I do have a goal but I keep it in the back of mind, I live in the present am happy with what's happening and want to keep at it.  I'd like to make the effort to add a day of strengthening to my cardio heavy routine.
  3. Update/Re-Vamp my obsessive cleaning schedule.  I'm in a happy place when I can let my made up OCD habits take over.  I have let this lag since moving to Seattle and I want to dust off, update and get back into this cleaning schedule.  My house runs smoothly and remains clean with what feels like little effort, I need to recapture this rainbow.
  4. I'm most calm when working with my hands.  Carving time into my week to spend sewing, embroidering, creating something with my hands. And ultimately having 1 item to show for at the end of each month.  Maintainable goal and not just a broad statement, right?
  5. Research and start a small edible garden with T.  
Not bad, huh.  Five small things with big impacts.  I feel good about my goals. I feel like they are realistic and not over the top.  

With my kids I have a whole bunch of other things I want to do, not goals, not resolutions just a bunch of bullet pointed things I want to incorporate into their routine, do with them, and teach them.  This will be a separate post.

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