Some Things...

Just some things that have been happening.

  • Been super busy lately.  Dad's record label's newest release had all their CD release events this past week.  Since I do all the consulting and media blasts I've been busy making announcements left and right
  • I have become completed obsessed with an Australian teen show called H2O: Just Add Water.  Its from about 5 years ago but I'm hooked.  Donx and I cannot get enough.  Funnily enough two of the three girls are on Vampire Diaries.
  • After next week 99% of my credit card debt will be GONE! I cannot wait. 
  • I've since realized how strange it is to buy my husband a christmas gift when I'm not working.  I never had this problem in the past but now its just strange and we actually talked about this but he deserves something.  I did buy him something (my household is big on Amazon Wish Lists so I bought him something he wanted and I really hope he likes it.)
  • I've been working out non-stop and have totally adjusted my diet.  It's paying off big time and it make me even more determined to keep on doing what I'm doing so I can eventually reach my goal.
  • I wish I had a workout buddy so we could chat, gossip, and encourage each other.
  • T and I are planning on having a cocktail party/lunch sometime soon.  Im excited it'll be our first chance at entertaining.  Just need to pick a date.
  • My oldest had a reading assessment recently.  He scored a 30 on an average scale of 18 for his grade.  I'm so proud of him!!!
  • Right about now I'm wishing we were heading out to Hawaii this month.  But we'll be off in January.  Bummed but still looking forward to it.
  • Still in need of a haircut.  It's been months and my ends are dry and raggedy.  A friend of mine and her family are coming by next month for a weekend.  Since she was a hairstylist maybe I can convince her to work on my hair

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