Coffee Table

We've been living coffee table free since leaving Los Angeles in 2009.  We sold much of our big furniture with the house (we actually used it as leverage when countering the offers we received) and the coffee table was a casualty.  Anyway, as I was saying we've been leaving without a coffee table and its becoming a real pain in the ass.  

I like to sit in our living room and flip through a magazine while sipping some coffee or tea but it is a little bit of a balancing act since I have to hold my mug the entire time.  The other option is putting my mug on the ground but I run the risk of one of my kids knocking it over because it would totally happen.

T and I have been perusing coffee tables for years looking for the perfect specimen.  The commitment is hard the price tag is harder.  We have both discussed the price we're comfortable with and the only thing we are both adamant about is we do not want a coffee table from IKEA.  Nothings wrong with IKEA but we don't want our house looking like a page out of one of their catalogs if you know what I mean.

We both know we want something that feels and looks light, not in weight but in stature.  We want airy and open first and foremost.  I would love a Saarinen Tulip coffee table but we already have a dining table like that and there is really no need to have multiples and the redundancy of the lines would probably drive me crazy after awhile.

I think T and I have matured a little and are ready to make a coffee table commitment.  This is a big step for us but we have evolved and invested in a few pieces of furniture that we feel confident it is nearing the right time to buy a coffee table.  Although we have a living room and a family room this will definitely be in the living room, the room we hang out in and not really watch a ton of tv but instead play games in and read in and generally hang out with music on.  Our family room is where we have the big tv, the kids lay around on the ground and relax and fall asleep on the ground with the tv on; no real need for  coffee table there but eventually some side tables.

Anyway this is what we are deciding upon and we are definitely leaning towards the Dunn Table as it feels more "airy."  We'll probably keep our eyes peeled, as I'm constantly on craigslist and ebay but this is where we are at.

Platner Table

Dunn Table w/Glass Top

What do you think?

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