Checking In...

Forgive me for the lack of posts. Honestly this isn't even going to be a real post i'm going to try and do that later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Things have been busy, kids are on vacation, play dates galore, T has been on vacation so we could hang as a family thus really digging the family, relaxing time.

Christmas was a hit.  The kids were all genuinely surprised and happy with what they received.  This was the first year T and I consciously scaled back on gifts for the kids.  We've reached a point where enough is enough and the kids really need to appreciate the things they have rather then just wanting more and more (and more and more...)  We all kept our fingers crossed for a white christmas but it didn't happen.  

I can't believe we come to the end of another year tomorrow.  Wow!  Anyway hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.

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