The other day, after washing my hair, I french braided in into two braids running down my head.  I wore it that way for two days.  When the braids finally started coming loose and the amount of flyaways were climbing fast I knew it was time to undo the braids.  I knew it be curly and my good was it.  Tight, controlled curls!  I left it for a day (or two) but yesterday I decided to brush the curls out and see what I was dealing with.  (If you're doing the math, yes I was my hair like once maybe twice per week).  Anyway what I was left with was a superbly, amazing, fantastic gigantic mane of hair.  It was crazy and I took a ton of pics.  I decided to gather them into pigtails and you know what, I totally dug it and even debated if I should even bother washing my hair or let the amazingness flow for one extra day.

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