Kid Style: Crash-Girlie Things

The little girl down there, that's Crash.  She'll be 3 next month.  Anyone that meets her can tell she has older brothers.  She stands her ground, can be rough and aggressive and has a major problem with sharing because her brothers are always taking things away from her.  However, don't get me wrong she is also very sweet, loving and girlie she just doesn't realize not everyone has older brothers to contend with on a daily basis.  No matter how rough and tumble she can be my little girl loves clothes (as you can read about here and here) but in recent months she loves her girlie clothes, especially tutus, dresses that look like tutus and princess dress up!  
Outfit Details
Purple Dress w/metallic tulle skirt - H&M (Similar)
Cozy B&W tights (came in a 2 pack w/black tights) - H&M
Black booties - Ugg Classic Mini in Black (I think this cut only exists for kids in the Bailey Style here)
Outfit Details
Yellow Tutu - Consignment Sale
Bright Pink Hello Kitty Swimsuit - H&M

Crash's love affair with tutu's started innocently enough and with the yellow skirt above.  I found the skirt at a consignment sale for just a couple bucks and I thought it would be cute.  At the time it didn't fit her and it took her a while to fit into it.  When I thought she would fit I slipped it into her dresser, little did I know what was about to happen.  The day Crash saw the skirt her eyes lit up, she screeched and immediately put it on.  She wore, and wears, it whenever she can.  Sometimes just as a skirt, sometimes over leggings, tights or even jeans.  She'll pear it with a girlie top, a leotard or swimsuit and sometimes even with her Star Wars and skeleton shirts.  She's an equal opportunists!  On this day we were headed to Jamison Fountain (in Portland) for some afternoon fun and what better pairing then a Hello Kitty swimsuit with a big, twirly tutu!

She has a bunch of tutus now and she wears them all the time.  One of her new favorites is a layered hot pink one.  It's nice because under the layers of tulle is a nice knit lining so she isn't bothered by the tulle and it adds an extra layer of protection so her little underwear isn't flashing all.
Outfit Details
Pink Layered Tutu - Crazy 8's (no longer available but similar here and here)
Owl Tee - Old Navy (this is about 2 years old)
Footwear - Roxy

On Big Red:
FC Portland Jacket - Nike
Tiger Shorts - Target
Shoes - Nike
Oxblood Backpack - Fjallraven Kanken

Outfit Details
Pink Tutu - Crazy 8 (same as above)
Pink sweatshirt - Target
Footless Tights - Target
Jeweled Moccasins - Target
As I've mentioned before if the dress looks like a tutu, meaning it has tulle and bonus if there's ribbon, sparkle, bows etc....she will quickly adopt it.  Crash has had this gray dress for a while now.  I love it because its super girlie and its gray.  She wears it often but Crash has gotten taller which means this adorable dress has gotten a lot shorter on her.  It still passes as a dress but soon she'll be pairing them with leggings or jeans.

Outfit DetailsGray tutu dress - H&M (no longer available)
Gray Tights - H&M
Hello Kitty Socks
White Creepers - TUK

My mom bought Crash this adorable little princess dress last Easter.  I love this dress a lot, it has a stretchy top, like a knit tank top, and the length is perfectly calf skimming.  Minus the rose and sequined decoration I think I would wear this dress!  Crash wears this a lot. At home to play, to the store, to the park its all the same to her and rather then this dress being just "dress up" its just one of her go to outfits.  Below is probably one my favorite pairings, the princess dress, levis jacket and some vintage costume jewelry.  I think we went to the park and grocery shopping and yes she got a lot of oohs and aahs as most little girls do when venturing out into the world in a princess dress.
Outfit Details
Princess Dress - Marshalls
Tiara (in top pick) - Fred Meyer (similar from Toys R Us)
Levis Jacket - Thrifted
Mom's Costume Jewelry - Thrifted

Her new dress is a straight up Disney princess.  Cinderella.  I found it at Target, in the post Halloween aisle and it was a steal.  Only $10, I know if I went to the Disney store it would probably in the $40 range, as most of their dresses are.  Anyway Crash loves it.  She has never seen Cinderella but she is fully aware that it is a princess and will wear it while watching Beauty & the Beast or Tangled.  It's cute and girlie and she loves it.  The only downside to this dress is all the glitter detailing.  Holy hell does that glitter shed.  I'm finding it all over the place and have had to give her some rules about wearing it, like no sitting on the couch (because it is so stressful seeing my couch sparkle and not to mention cleaning it up).  I'm sure this princess dress/tutu story is far from over but i'm okay with that.  I've had 2 boys before her who constantly dressed up as Power Rangers and Ninjas so this is a refreshing change of pace.

Outfit DetailsCinderella Dress - Target (Halloween section)
Wand - Target

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