It seems like every year Halloween becomes a bigger and bigger event.  So many Halloween events around the city, all leading up to the big trick-or-treat day.  For us Halloween started last weekend.  The city had activities beginning on the 27th through yesterday.  On Sunday we attended the Halloween carnival at Cal Anderson park in Capitol Hil.  It was a fun event, albeit totally muddy.  The Chamber of Commerce sponsored the event, and to our surprise, everything was free and my god were they giving away a ton of candy.  

After that it was all down hill with the festivities.

On the 31st, Big Red & Donx had a half day of school with the end of their school day being class Halloween parties where they were allowed to dress up, had treats and worked on some holiday crafts.  Honestly I think it was a great way to hold a school day on a day when the kids were likely only thinking of getting home, putting on their costumes and heading out for the trick or treating.  T's work had a party so once the boys got home, I got all the kids dressed and we headed downtown.  People at T's office really got into it, the kids had fun seeing all the "grown ups" decked out to the nth degree.

Our neighborhood had a big Halloween event that started at 4pm or so and the Village streets were shut down, and was packed with kids trick-or-treating at all the shops and having a great time.  Unfortunately we missed this since we were at T's work but that's okay, me and crowds are sometimes like vinegar and water.  It was just after 5pm by the time we got back home so the kids quickly ate dinner and we headed out for some fun.  The main road in our 'hood usually makes a big deal out of the night but we avoided it and just visited houses off our street and came home.  The kids were totally fine with it, were happy with the amount of candy they scored and just wanted to come home and cozy up for our usual family Whovian geek fest.  All in all it was a fun night had by all, none of the kids had a melt down, none of the kids cried for candy once we got home and all were grateful for a fun week!  That's all I can ask for.

Donx the skeletal ninja

Big Red - back from the dead!

Crash as she-Hulk

Aren't they a joy?

T's work had a photobooth and we took full advantage.

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