Fall Break - It's All About Planning

Those two dudes up there are super stoked to head out for school today.  Why?  Well, these days they have something called "fall break" where the kids get the entire week of Thanksgiving off of school, instead of just the Thursday & Friday that I got as a kid.    Anyway, today is the last day before break, and counting the weekends they have about 10 days off of school!  Awesome right?  For them!  For me I need to find some activities, field trips, crafts and hope for no rain so we can go to a park or two or ten.

Today I need to buckle down and plan out the next week (and weekends), well Mon-Wed, so things run smoothly and we can minimize the amount of arguing, hitting, body slamming and what ever else my kids will do to each other.  By the way, did I mention the Crash is also home.  I'm totally outnumbered 3 to 1 so I a plan is essential.

Some ideas:

  • The Nordic Heritage Museum has their annual Yulefest this weekend.  There will be crafts, food music and really who can resist a scandinavian treat whether it be in the form of food or craft.  Last week we were at the Nordic Museum and the Finnish club of Seattle had a craft fair and they had some fantastic crafts and foods so i can only imagine the great things they'll have this time.
  • Games, games, games.  My kids love playing games especially Uno and Monopoly. I've been trying to teach Crash Candyland and she is starting to get it but is a little bit to excited for the gingerbread man game pieces.
  • Crafts.  The kids love painting so we'll do some of that maybe I can get them to paint some turkeys and cornucopias that we can hang up for turkey day.  I'd also like to get them to make some xmas & hanukkah crafts so we can get a little jump start on decorating.  Specifically I want to make some wreaths, maybe an advent calendar and we like to make paper ornaments to hang on a paper tree we attach to the wall.  We're also in the process of glittering up some pine cones.  Crash and I started a week or so ago and it was a fucking glitter nightmare so I need to strategize the best way to do this to allow for the least amount of glitter all over the place.  
  • The park, bike rides and playing at the nearby greenspace.  This hangs on the whether trolls so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Pacific Science Center.  They actually have a great deal on the King Tut exhibit, actually its a deal for members but it may be worth buying membership if you don't have it.  You won't find this deal explicitly posted on their site but if you attempt to buy tickets to the exhibit you'll be prompted to buy membership.  But its a fantastic deal!!! "sign up for a membership today to receive your discounted tickets to Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs.
    Now through November 20, tickets are just $10 per member adult and $5 per member youth." Great deal right?  So if you live in Seattle and haven't already seen this FANTASTIC exhibit (we saw it in June) go see it before it leaves the US, it is worth it and the Pacific Science Center is a fabulous venue for kiddos.
  • Donx has shown interest in attending a 1-day golf camp, at our local course, on friday, aka black friday, its a 5 hour camp and I think he'll enjoy.  He is super sporty and has randomly asked about golf and learning it since he can only do so much with Wii golf.  
  • I'd love to take the kids to the movies but I have yet to take Crash to a movie and I can't predict how its all going to go down with 3 of them and just me.  But who knows some times desperate times leads to desperate measures.  

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