Breaks Over

Fall break is over and while the boys are back at school Crash and I can go about our normal biz with the added bonus of decorating for Xmas.  But lets recap for a second.

Yes I had some plans for break, did we get to all of them.  No not really but that's okay.  The first three days was nothing but lots and lots of rain.  I heard that last Monday's rain was record breaking, meh, who cares.  I let the kids indulge in tv, we painted and made art but  mostly relaxed which seemed like all they wanted to do (besides the park which wasn't going to happen).

Here's a sad fact.  Thanksgiving.  Honestly, unless we are having guests it really isn't any big deal.  We don't get all creative making indian headdresses for the kids, or sitting around saying what we are thankful for (although T tried).  When its just us the day is really just the usual but with me spending more time in the kitchen and the kids understanding we really only eat this specific meal once, maybe twice a year.  If I had my way I'd prefer to spend Thanksgiving in Hawaii with the family where it is a bigger deal and it would be more of a gathering of the whole family.  I also wouldn't mind having guests, I love entertaining and hosting.  Ultimately, it's not about the day, or the food but about the company.  So Thanksgiving was alright, no big special anything but everyone was excited about the food, it was super yummy, the turkey (which I pre-ordered and was only a breast) was fantastic, we ate it for two days and we still had turkey to freeze for a rainy day.

Our black friday was spent at Winterfest at Seattle Center.  We love free events!  There was a fantastic winter train & village display which we always love watching, lots of entertainment, a few activities and all the other amenities in the vicinity.  We watched the train for a bit, which for a small donation you could become the conductor and control the trains, then headed to the Children's Museum which is also housed in the Armory.
Crash had a blast watching the trains zip by

The "train station" where you could be the conductor
We spent a good several hours at the Armory and it was clear the kids had a fantastic time. Before heading to the car we strolled around Seattle Center for a bit, watching the giant fountain which we were so surprised was actually still turned on, gazed at the space needle, which by the way is in the midst of a new paint job, and all the twinkly lights and took Donx to check out the skate park which he didn't believe me when I told him one existed near the Space Needle.

Most of Saturday was hanging out at home followed by a late afternoon at our friends place in South Seattle where we had an amazing local hawaii-style family dinner.  Sometimes our regular lives gets so hectic with the routine that you forget how amazing time with friends can be, especially friends that come from the same place as you.  It really made me miss my family!

Sunday I was adamant about getting out of the house at a reasonable hour and since it was going to be nice I really wanted to do something outdoors so we took the kids to Olympic Sculpture Park followed by lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory, which is one of the few places all three kids agree on and all three kids will actually eat the food and not complain and while it was still early in the day we walked over to the aquarium!  Busy day!  It was a fantastic way to cap off a slow, relaxing, wet week.  We had no complaining, I experienced a lot of smiles and excited conversation from my kids and by nightfall the kids were pooped out and hit the sack with no complaints!

I'd say although we didn't hit all my planning benchmarks we had a good week off.

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