Some Things...

I've been sick and yet still busy.  But things are still chugging alone in mi casa.  Here's an update:

  • Uhm October, what the hell happened?  You're almost over!
  • This means Halloween is just around the corner and only Crash is ready with her costume the boys, well, one is flip flopping between two costumes he already owns and the other has decided to forgo with a store costume and wants to be part of the walking dead (yes!  easy for me and only need to buy face make up)
  • We'll likely be hitting up trick or treating events starting this weekend with a carnival in Capitol Hill and trick or treating on the waterfront.  
  • The end of October means the signs of Christmas will be everywhere.  We already have it in some of our stores, how about you?
  • Been working on our Amazon Wish Lists.  T has the most pathetic list.  He likes ridiculous gadgety things that he'll be over and doen with a week or two after he plays with it.  Like a child with a new toy.
  • T's birthday is coming up FAST.  No idea what to get him but I better start scouring the web or some local stores ASAP
  • Finally busted out the sewing machine and starting working on some projects.  The funny thing is a torn princess dress prompted all of this.
  • Finally have gym membership again, now to use it.  Now that the weather is erratic I can work out indoors if need be and take Crash to the onsite childcare.  I really wanted to give the YMCA a chance but they had such limited options, in comparison, and no onsite childcare.
  • However I have been getting in as much outside workouts as possible.  My energy levels are up, I'm feeling better about myself and I'm able to fit in a bunch of jeans that were either 1)to small or 2)to tight!  Yay!!!!!
  • Sad that I won't be able to go back to Hawaii for the holidays.  Soooo expensive!
  • Upside is i'll likely be going to Hawaii in Jan/Feb.
  • My almost 3-yr old is obsessed with Dr. Who.  I mean obsessed.  It's her go to show in the eves.  I love it because I love the show but really, 3 years old and Dr Who.
  • Soccer season ends very soon.  Thank God.  It's been a crazy couple of months with all the practices and games.  I'm sure glad T didn't decide to coach this year, he enjoyed it last year but also kind of regretted it because he didn't realize the finality of the commitment
  • Missing some things in PDX.  Maybe we can head down over Thanksgiving break for a day or two.
  • First cold of the season.  Donx had it first, then Crash and now Big Red and I.  T has been spared probably because he's out of the house more than when he's in the house.  Lucky Bastard.
  • Updated MiniMob.  Honestly there is only a few things on there right now.  But gotta get the ball rolling sometime.  Check it out or pass it along.
  • My goal for Nov is to find us a new sitter!  Most important goal.  I think 4 months has been sufficient time to let the dust settle before resuming date night.

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