Have I ever mentioned my love affair with Instagram?

I love that there is no need  to update a status and its just photo after photo with or without captions.  I love that you don't need to know a person to follow them on Instagram and its not creepy at all, its kind of expected, and that many accounts are public. And, I love that most people put in some effort when taking photos FOR the sole purpose of uploading to Instagram.  

Personally I limit the amount of photos I post of my kids and mainly post those for FB, I figure more of my connections on FB will tolerate or enjoy the photos of my brood then the circle i've created on Instagram which includes many strangers.  For the most part most of my photos on Instagram consists of:

Occasionally I'll throw in some graffiti, interesting sites around the city or places I visit and occasionally I'll throw in a few photos of myself.  Hey, doesn't everyone like taking a peek of the photographer once in a while?

If you're not following me on Instagram (xamberlinax) here's a few snapshots from my account:

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