Crafty: Fabric Bunting (Incredibly Easy!)

I've been wanting to make Crash a strand of fabric bunting for her room for awhile now.  Her old room in Portland was super big and busy and I really couldn't envision where it would go.  Her new room, here in Seattle, is smaller, busier but I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity for some crafty goodness.

You see, i've been separated from my sewing machine for awhile and only recently have gotten it out to hem a few things and get started on a few projects.  I figure bunting would be considered one of these "projects."  I really didn't want to spend money on some new fabric and all the fabric I did have laying around were pretty large pieces I could use for other things so that left me with felt.  I had some great felt colors laying around, and coincidently all colors that Crash actually likes.  So I dug out all my supplies and dug in.  I started with the following, brace yourself because this is super EASY!

* A triangular template, I cut mine out of a brown paper sack.  Size it to your preference.  I think min was about 6-7"in length and maybe somewhere between 3-4" wide
*I used 5 sheets of inexpensive felt.  Based on my template I could cut three triangles from each sheet although I only cut 2 from each because I knew I only wanted to end up with 10 triangles.
*Extra wide, double fold bias tape.
*Scissors or rotary cutter.  If you're using a rotary cutter don't forget a self-healing cutting mat

Because there is no right side or wrong side for the bunting I didn't want to trace the template onto the felt and instead just used my ruler as a guide and painstakingly cut each piece out.  It wasn't to bad since I was only cutting out 10 pieces total (2 pieces per each sheet of felt.)

I ended up with this pretty color assortment when I was done.  Using felt does have it's upsides:  no need to finish off the edges and unlike fabric you don't need two pieces which you'd then have to turn right side out.  Felt is a great medium to work with.  You can make so many things and it is very easy, so if sewing is not your thing, but you can sew a straight line this is right up your alley.

Unroll your bias tape and decide how long you want your end pieces to be.  I allowed for a 15" lead in before placing the first triangle.  You'll want to open up the bias tape on the fold and just slide in your triangle and pin it in place.  I did this with each piece matching them tip to tip in a repeated 5 color pattern.  Once the last piece was in place I measured 15" of extra bias tape and snipped off the extra.  Super easy!

Once it was all pinned and ready to go I ran it through my sewing machine and that was it.  If you don't have a sewing machine you could hot glue it in place, hot gluing between the felt and the bias tape on each side.

And Viola, Crash has a new bedroom decoration.

This was so super easy to make that I think I'm going to make one with some festive colors to hang up in the house for Christmas

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