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This first month has been a whirlwind.  But now things are starting to settle, routines are falling into place and slowly buy surely we're getting out and meeting people.  That's always hard for me, meeting new people.  As an adult it seems harder then when you were a kid and it felt totally natural to just step into a game or conversation you are overhearing.  As a young child there was no fear of judgement maybe some shyness but eventually you overcame that because the urge to play with others was greater then the fear of being rejected.

As an adult meeting new people, outside of a work environment, can be brutal especially when you have a small child with you because you do have to do the "dance" around other parents.  Yeah, "the dance," you know the one that you don't want to be TO MUCH of yourself for fear of scaring the other parent away or lest they pre-maturely judge you.  You want this friend as much as your child wants their kid to be their friend.  You slowly make small talk which usually begins with "How old's your son/daughter?" and continues with lame questions.  What I hate is when the one kid my kid wants to play with is the kid whose parent is clearly the one I will have the least in common with.  Those relationships are hard!  I've done it before.  There is no common bond so you basically only end up talking about kid stuff or very, very, very lightly touching on your personal life.  That totally sucks!  

I want to have something in common with the parents weather it be a love of trying new restaurants, happy hour get togethers, sarcasm, music, movie genre something that we can talk about or do together that goes beyond our spawn.  I've made a few of those and they are always great.  But now that i'm in a new city I have to start over.  I've made a promise to myself to get over my fear of proactively posting a playgroup date or initiating convo with a parent who I think I can sync with.  I'll do it, i'm totally working up the courage to do so but I will get there!

I read a cute little article on How To Score a Mom Friend on Hello Giggles about this exact situation last night and it is so on point.  Okay, I know there has been a lot of articles about this issue but a majority of them are so serious that they bore me.  Hello Giggles went straight to the point with pure honesty.  Read it, its spot on!

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