Kid Style: Back To School

After a very long, very busy summer the boys have finally returned back to school.  School officially started on September 5th and due to our move they have started a new school.  I tried to make the transition as seem less and as little nerve wracking as possible.  From the week we moved into town I started taking the boys to the school playground to get them comfortable with the grounds.  We also visited the school on a new student orientation day so they got to walk the halls and check out their new classrooms.  They were pretty stoked to find out that their teachers were at school and got to meet them, find their new desks and check out all the amenities of their rooms.

I was surprised that when the first day was finally upon them they were genuinely excited to get the new year started.  We spent the night before selecting their outfits and I mentioned to the boys that they may want to embrace each sunny day while they could and wear shorts because the rainy, wet, cool weather is just around the corner.
 Donx stuck with what he knows best:  beanie and a soccer jersey.  Surprisingly I talked him out of jeans and he opted for some cute black and gray pinstriped shorts.  He was super cute for his new year as a first grader!

Jersey - Adidas (No longer available but other Adidas Youth Soccer here)
Pine Striped Shorts - Shaun White for Target (Similar here)
Bat Jacket - Monster Republic 
Beanie - Hand Me Down from Dad

 Big Red dressed up for the first day.  He choose, what he calls his "fancy" black shorts, a very stylish gingham button up and an adidas hoodie.  He is not one to wear such tailored bottoms, remember this is the boy that didn't want to own pants with buttons and zippers, so this is when I knew he was excited about school.
Button Up - Ben Sherman Kids (Similar here)
Shorts - King Unlimited
Hoodie - Adidas

 They are growing up so fast.  They entered 1st and 2nd grade this year and they were super eager to head back to school, make new friends and having their brains filled with all kinds of goodness!

Donx's shoes - Adidas Sambas
Big Red's shoes - Nike's

 The first chili day showed its face sooner then we thought and yesterday the boys were all decked out in some cozy fall gear.  Let's take a moment and talk about Donx's jeans.  If you've read my previous posts about him you know how much this boys loves jeans, especially skinny jeans and the skinnier the better!  Donx was fortunate to receive a few more pairs of jeans for school this year and a few of them are Gap's 1969 skinny jeans and this year they have some for boys with stretch.  This is Donx's first foray into stretch jeans and OMG how much did he love them.  While in the dressing room with him while trying it on he was squatting, kicking, jumping all over the place while simultaneously giving me the thumbs up while asking, no wait, begging for two pairs!  If you have a young, very active boy, who loves jeans, like my Donx, I would highly recommend Gap's 1969 Skinny jeans with stretch.  Your little guy will thank you for them!

Donx Jeans - Gap 1969 Skinny in black
Big Red - Adidas Track Suit (similar here)
Donx Back pack - Burton Metalhead backpack (this also straps his skateboard in)
Big Red's Backpack - Fjallraven Kanken

 With Fall like temps hovering over Seattle again they boys busted out their cool weather gear today.  I was so proud of Big Red agreeing to wear jeans.  These Gap 1969 skinnies are perfect for him because they do not have a snap, which frustrates Big Red so much, but rather it has a large, and easy to use, hook and eye closure.  These jeans are actually a great faded gray and a little long for my petite boy!

Thermal shirt - Shaun White for Target (no longer available)
Jacket - Adidas 
Shoes - Nike

 Big Red has been asking for this backpack for months!  Probably since early June before the school year actually ended but I could not justify buying him this backpack until the new school year were about to start.  This is one beautiful, simple and uber stylish backpack made by Fjallraven.  It's their Kanken style bag and it truly is a Scandinavian classic.  From the Fjallraven US website:

"Originally built for Swedish school children, the Kånken is the most well known and most loved of anything we make. The Kånken Original is the same today as when it was released 30 years ago -- only today it is made in more than 15 colors to suit any individual style.
Beyond the simple functional design, the Kånken boasts the use of a unique textile, Vinylon F. While made from synthetic fibers, Vinylon F has the best properties of natural fibers. Fabrics conventionally used for backpacks need a coating in order to become water resistant and the coating wears out over time, making the backpack less waterproof. Not so with Vinylon F. Absorbing moisture better than any other synthetic fiber, Vinylon F swells like a natural fiber, thus making the weave denser when it's raining. This gives the Kånken daypack waterproof qualities by construction eliminating the need for a coating. Used for more than 30 years now, the fabric continues to prove its simple, durable, functionality year after year."

Yes, its a pretty pricey backpack for a kid but I love the style.  I'm very much anti-character bags/lunchboxes/shoes etc....so when I am able to find a classic item and my kid is into that item as well I'm kind of all in.  His only request, besides the bag, was that it be in red.  I was able to find that J Crew offered the Kanken (online only) for $10 less then any other vendor AND they offered FREE SHIPPING!  Yay!  To say that Big Red was excited was an understatement.  

Fjallraven also offers a Mini Kanken which I so want to order for Crash so we can stylishly lug around all her dance gear to and from class.

Backpack - Fjallraven Kanken (Ordered from JCrew)

Big Donx is looking so sauve here.  Back to his usual style and what he is 100% most comfortable in.  Skinnies, high tops, long sleeved tee and a hoodie!  Gotta love him!

Jeans - Gap 1969 Skinny
Shoes - Converse
Tee - Shaun White for Target
Hoodie - Monster Republic

They boys are truly enjoying their new school.  They enjoy the bus ride.  They are both just trying their hardest to make new friends, which I know will come in time.  But it is safe to say their kid style is pushing on and they make me proud every, single day!

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