Hanging With Crash

Now that the boys are in school I get to hang with Crash full time. When we lived in Portland she went to daycare 2 full days/week. It was an awesome break for me and allowed me to do my work for my stores, or run errands or even just truly taking a day for myself.

I looked at day cares in my new neighborhood and the options are slim and pricey for her age. But when she turns 3 (in December) there are so many more options and not to mention a beautiful price drop in tuition. Thus T and I have decided to keep her out until the new year. And hopefully she'll join in on the preschool circuit, part time. For now I get my little misfit all to myself.

My number 1 priority is to get her back on her old nap schedule which she got thrown off of during our crazy summer.  This has been tough but honestly it all boils down to having a busy morning. We go to a lot of parks! And I mean a lot of parks! And we have numerous tea parties! Playing in the backyard is also totally cool with her.  Like Portland, Seattle has a bunch of spray fountains, which will be on so long as the temps will be above 70-degrees, and so far they have been. With the weather sunny and warm I don't want to do any indoor activities yet. I'll save it for the cooler temps which I'm sure is just around the corner.

Here are some pics from the last week.

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