Field Trip: Magnolia Public Library

This morning Crash and I visited the Seattle Public Library here in Magnolia.  We've driven past the building numerous times and I've always marveled at how beautiful the architecture was and how thoughtful the design was especially at how well it meshes with the surrounding landscape.    Little did I know that the Magnolia Library is an architectural landmark!

Anyway we went to the library today for story time.  I had never taken Crash to story time, ever, and I offend worried about her ability to sit still and pay attention or partially pay attention.  But today I decided it was time to see how it would all unfold.  Story time starts at 11am (which is when the library opens) so we got there about 5 minutes early and there were a handful of people already waiting.  We were new to all of this so at least we knew we could follow the crowd in and not look so dazed and confused.  We were led to one of the library's larger conference rooms which I think is the main area for both story time and toddler play time.  There was a large soft mat on the majority of the ground, seats and benches along the perimeter and a couple of tables filled with books at the front and read of the room.

Story time is run by the library's children's librarian and she is fantastic.  She doesn't only cater to the kids but does acknowledge that parents are also in attendance.  She has a great animated and sing songy voice that translates well when speaking, singing and reading.  I mean she held my attention!  She welcomed everyone as they came in and each child was asked to wear a name tag which was wonderful because she could speak to each child and calling them by name!  Story time started with a song and Crash really liked this and this was quickly followed by a quick alphabet lesson.  The kids were introduced to a few letters, their sounds and some words and pictures of things that begin with each letter.  The kids really dug this!  A story was read and Crash really got into the silliness of it all even shouting out some of the lines and sounds that were being read.  Then a book-less story/rhyme using felt characters and objects on a felt board.  I thought this was great.  (I've tried doing a felt board for the kids and failed miserably but maybe I need to rethink my process.)  Then a couple more songs and dances and music makers were also distributed and it really got the kids going.  Crash went all out dancing, took off her shoes and busted out with her ballet and toddler breakdancing.  Finally another story to wind things down and then free time.  Books were handing out to the kids and they were allowed to take them home with them without checking them out.  This is fantastic!  It's basically an honor system you can borrow the books (keep in mind there is no traditional "check out" with these books) and return them whenever you want, if you don't return them then you don't but no other child will get to enjoy them, so share, okay?

We hung out for a little bit and I read some of the books to Crash, one of which I read about 6 times and she brought it home.  She brought home Star Wars 123 and Dracula.  She is so excited about the books!  Just a side note:  we have some other books from the same series as that Dracula book and they are fantastic.  I love the simplicity of the retelling and the illustrations are SUPERB!

Ultimately she did fantastic at story time and has already asked to go back.  I'm so happy this free activity exisits.  Support you local library so things like this are available for your community! 

Story Time
Wednesdays 11 – 11:25 a.m.

Magnolia Library
2801 34th Ave. W., Seattle

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