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My morning ritual is so important to me.  Without it my day get's all wonky and I have that nagging feeling that I forgot to do something important, like turning off a stove burner or unplugging my flat iron!  Once I get the boys on the school bus and I get Crash all settled in with her breakfast (and a movie! don't judge!) I can do what I love doing in the morning.  I snuggle up with my hot mug of black coffee and just relax, flipping through a magazine or even catching up on FB. Those minutes and sometimes hour is so relaxing and really gets me mentally, emotionally and physically ready for what the day holds.  

About 10 days ago one of my oldest and dearest friends came out for a visit.  The last time we saw each other and hung out we were both living here in WA attending college, me in Olympia she in Spokane.  This was more then 10 years ago!  This visit has been a long time in the making and it flew by.  Her name is Amber too and this was the first time she got to meet my kids, and generally hang with my FAMILY.  Her trip went by so fast and having the days lead us where they may was the best course of action.  The #1 thing on our agenda was to get tattooed.  We had been talking about getting a BFF tattoo forever but we had to be together to get it.  So yes this happened:

We got each other's name tattooed on our bodies!  I think its totally hilarious!  Yes, its more of an inside joke but it's super special to me and everyday since getting it i've smiled every time I look at my arm.  I got my heart in red while Amber got her's in bright pink.  We've confused some people, who are insistent that we got our own names tattoo on ourselves but clearly those people do not have a sense of humour because really do we look like people that would tattoo our own names on our bodies???!!!!  *wink*

Having Amber come out to visit was exactly what I needed after this move.  It was a great way to unwind, hang out with a great friend and generally just be Amber and not only "mom."  Having Amber out here really made me realize that there is something to be said about long time friends.  They have seen your ups and downs, they have been there from the start and they know you, and they accept you for who you were and who you are today. Although its been more then a decade since I saw my dear friend it was almost like time stopped for us and we just picked up from where we left off.  And honestly it was so fucking AWESOME!  Friends like this (and I do have a couple) will be in my life forever!

Besides being a mom, and a wife I've slowly gotten my personal identity back on track.  With the lack of gym membership right now I've started to routinely walk my neighborhood. It's been beautiful out and my neighborhood is pretty gorgeous so these 3-mile walks are a cake walk.  I'm learning my neighborhood, meeting my neighbors and getting some exercise.  I've been feeling gross and a bit heavy since moving and having a 3-month crappy diet that I need to do this to start feeling better about myself.  Gym membership should start back up in a month or so and they provide childcare so getting in some weights or taking a class in the afternoon will be fantastic.  

I've lost a bit of weight and it feels great, I have so many more pairs of jeans that fit a whole lot better and probably looks a whole lot better on me.  I feel more confident when my jeans fit comfortably.  I also have more incentive to do more for myself.  I trimmed my bangs which always makes me feel better then when they grow out and always end up getting pulled back into my ponytail.  Nothing makes me feel homely and "momish" then having all my hair pulled off my face, glasses and yoga pants!  I've made a pact with myself about no yoga pants outside of the house and so far I've stuck to it.  I'm planning on finally going in to get a hair cut.  Notice how I didn't say trim?  Yep I'm going for a trim in length but I'm also getting a bunch of layers cut into it for some movement.  You see that photo above?  Everything is one length, not a bad thing but so stiff looking.  The one indulgence that I miss and I'm going to do it once I get a solid recommendation is getting my eyebrows waxed and tinted.  I used to do this routinely in LA because I had the most awesome waxer.  I've let the eyebrows get unruly so the better to wax and if you haven't gotten your brows waxed before do it, do it now, because it is one of the littlest things you can do for yourself that will make a world of difference in your face.  

I'm making this last quarter of the year the quarter of Amber.  I don't do this normally but I feel like I deserve it!

Carpe Diem!

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