The Adventure Begins: Seattle

We made it to Seattle.  This is actually the 4th official day of being in our new home.  T has finally reported into the office, after being able to start on August 1st while we were still in Portland.  After all the moving hub bub like, packing, cleaning, numerous back and forth trips between PDX and SEA it is nice to finally relax.  The movers have yet to deliver our belongings but I am hoping we will receive our (FIVE!) cubes by Friday evening.

The items that we "hand carried" up have mostly been unpacked.  The boys are both registered for fall soccer. The boys are also registered for school.  Crash is not, but I have been looking for some part time daycare/preschool for her but I'll be spending a majority of my time at home with her per the last year and a half. 

We are living in a neighborhood of Seattle called Magnolia.  It's quite beautiful and very close to downtown, Seattle Center and the water.  I've noticed that due to the fact the Magnolia is surrounded by Salmon Bay and the Puget Sound the temperature stays relatively cool which is fantastic when we are getting full sun on us.  We found ourselves an amazing Mid Century Modern house, again.  This house is about 900 sqft smaller then what we had in PDX but not in a bad way since the 3500+ sqft we were previously living in was much more then what we actually needed.  Anyway there are some amazing original features included with the home but for the most part the interior has been tastefully and lovingly updated.  

You know how sometimes when you move into a new place you feel a little out of sorts?  Well that hasn't happened here. I think this may be due to a couple of things 1)we've been driving back and forth for the last few weeks and spending the weekends here and 2)this house is so similar to our last house that, although new for us, it doesn't feel like a fish out of water transition.  

Here are some photos:
Big Red in front of the house

Original entryway lighting fixture and intercom

Original radio/intercom panel in the living room

Original stair rails

Upstairs living room

Wet Bar downstairs adjacent to the family room

Downstairs family room fireplace

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