Still Here

I'm still around.  Just been busy, settling in to the new house.  Spending time with mom and  the kids.  The kids don't start school for another week. 

I've been feeling guilty.  After our moving cubes arrived it took about 1 entire week to 99% unpack and feel like we're at home.  But now all is nearly right, settling in wise.  The big ticket items we still need to get done:

*hanging pictures
*organizing the storage room (I need to be able to find things right?)
*Crash's bed frame will be getting delivered and set up for us hopefully end of next week. (I bought her this in white)

I still feel like im in an uncontrollable spiral.  There is no normalcy to my day.  Crash's nap schedule is crazy and is napping late in the day or not at all; this is my #1 priority to get back on track once the boys are in school.  I have no routine to my day.  My organized life out of control.  I'm doing my best to let this all slide with the realization that in a week or two all will be back to normal (I cannot wait!).

But i'm here and doing well and just enjoying life.  I'll have a real post soon, with photos even!

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