A New Chapter

Look its me, Donx and the Space Needle!  It's a horrible perspective for my face but, eh, I'll share it anyway.  Remember when we went to Seattle a few weeks ago?  Little did we know that we'll be seeing much more of that beautiful, architectural landmark.  What I mean is we're moving!

It's sudden and its more dictated by necessity then T and my desire to move.  So yes, moving.  We found out 5 days ago and now have 6-weeks to pack up our life and move.  It's totally bittersweet but exciting. 
I've posted about moving often but it was always moving to Hawaii, which has always been our first choice.  However that dream is often short lived when we think about how and what would we be doing to sustain and survive there.  Tourist industry jobs are plentiful but that is not our area of expertise and no matter how badly we want to move back T and I do have our limits of what we won't do work wise.

The job market in PDX SUCKS! It really, really does.  I lucked out and was offered a job by an old pal from California.  It's work from home, internet traffic related and really my schedule can be based around my personal, family life.  It's been two and a half weeks and its working out fine. T had a job that was okay, not great.  He hated many aspects of it but still it was a job that paid.  I saw how miserable he was but we both knew he could't quit, you know because of health insurance for us.  Anyway, a month ago they outsourced his position and that was the end of that.  No skin off our back, except for the money part.  He was relieved and much happier.  So he's been looking for a job.  In PDX he couldn't really find anything he was passionate about and he applied for numerous advertising sales and PM jobs; most of which were step backs in his career or were like his last job where you are hired for Job A but your responsibilities are also Jobs A, B, C & D but we are only going to pay you for Job A - bullshit I tell ya!  

This was and really has been for month an eyeopener and the truth of the matter was to find anything we or he was skilled at we felt like we had to look outside of PDX.  The company T is now employed with was one he has been familiar with for a while and actually has been using their products.  He's been to conferences and has heard the CEO speak etc...So when he found this opening he jumped at it.  It's something he never officially held the title for but totally has the skill set for and after lots of interviews including one marathon day in Seattle (in which he went in a short sleeve top, tattoos-a-blazin')  meeting with something like 8-10 people over the course of the day.  A few days later they gave him an offer.  The job requires he work in Seattle, thus relocation.

He doesn't start until August and will work from home in PDX until his office start date of mid-Aug.  Hopefully we'll have a home in Seattle by then.  

So PDX....we are winding down and taking it all in.  Only one kid is devastated and has had numerous crying fits over it.  He has really connected with some of his classmates and has told us he will miss them dearly .  We are trying as hard as we can to have those friends over, even amongst all the chaos happening in our house.  The other kid, Big Red, is excited.  He was having trouble with a kid he was close to.  This kid started bullying him and really crushed Big Red and now he is just relived that he will no longer be dealing with that jackass (who just so happens to be our neighbor!)  I know he'll miss his other good buddies but I think the bad friend is outweighing the good.  Crash is indifferent, she is two and a half, what else did you expect.

Packing is a bitch!  But i'm using this opportunity to purge!  We have a huge donate pile and as much as I would love to have a garage sale I dont think I have the time.  Until we find a house we will be going back and forth looking for a place.  So for now all I can do is organize, pack, sort and purge!

Wish me luck!

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