BS Work Dramz

I've been so busy lately its kind of ridiculous.  Packing, stressing about schools/daycare/after school activities, the new place, and work, specifically work travel.

On top of everything else I have going on in my life the CEO's at my work decided it would be best to come down to California just so they can "meet me" in person.  Seriously, they no i'm moving with a super short timeline yet they still wanted me to come.  Let's talk about the bullshit points about his request:
-I had to leave at the ass crack of dawn so I could make it down to O.C. in the morning, yet the shuttle service didn't get me into the office until 11am
-I get there and nobody really cares i'm there and the CEO is busy on calls and doing other things.
-The second CEO can't even make it into the office, he's to "busy" with his kids (uh, hello, I have kids too!) and only after NUMEROUS phone calls he finally comes in and only for an hour. I thought it was this CEO (aka CEO2) that wanted me to be here
-CEO one tells me that me, his adult son and him are all staying at the same hotel so he'll be giving me a ride there and a ride up to LA tomorrow for a meeting we have together
-15 min after giving me the lowdown about the ride situation, one of the other exec members comes out of a conf room to ask if the HR lady can give me a ride to the hotel because the CEO brought his Porsche and it's only a two seater.  HR lady agrees and brings up a good point.....
-Now if HR lady is giving me a ride to hotel, how the fuck am I getting to LA? Remember I'm flying out LA! Apparently the plan was suppose to be CEO guy drives Porsche from LA to OC on the 17th and that eve his girlfriend was going to drive down and switch cars with him so he'd have the bigger car today for driving three of us to LA
-Here's the thing.  CEO1's son is pretty much a quiet observer, technically I'm showing him how to navigate around the system but he doesn't have to go to this meeting.  There is no point.  He looked bored all day yesterday and he won't be contributing to this meeting at all.  I say leave the boy in OC, let him hang out at the pool and do whatever it is he does all day
-Also about this meeting today in LA I feel like I'm not a valid contributor either.  remember i've only been an employee for 4-weeks and doing very, very, very basic things! The fact that I have to go to this meeting is very bizarre to me and even more bizarre is why am I training someone?  

This meeting has brought a new light to my job.  Honestly it is the furthest from a difficult job, its pretty simple but I honestly don't care making a million dollars a month, I just want to do my job and clock out everyday.  It is important to me to do my best job I can do but I don't need hovering, I don't work well with hovering, and nor do I want to train someone.  I specifically accepted this job because it was a job that offered flexibility, flexibility that I wanted and I needed but still this travel is not necessary and I surly don't want to be doing any more of this anytime soon!

So today is shaping up to be a clusterfuck situation.  My vote is for the son to sit back and wait for daddy here in OC.  He claims that he'll be renting a car but we'll see.  Even better let me go home early from OC instead of LA.  I don't want to drive - zero desire!  I just want to make my flight and go home on time.

I can't wait for this day to end!

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