The Tooth Fairy Messed Up

The tooth fairy that comes to our house needs to be fired!  

Donx has gotten the shaft twice and he's only lost three teeth.  The first mishap included a colossal meltdown the next day, this included yelling, dramatic crying and much blame on Big Red.  We had to reason with him and say "someone must have been awake so the tooth fairy could't stop by to get your tooth. Like Santa, everyone has to be asleep before the tooth fairy can visit." You could see his little mind working and then came the blame, "Big Red was awake really late reading in bed.  THAT IS WHY THE TOOTH FAIRY DIDN'T COME.  THAT IS NOT FAIR!!!!"  Oh brother! Legitimately Big Red was awake, but shouldn't be getting the brunt of the blame although it was good "reason" to make him go to bed early.  

For the record, the tooth fairy in our house is male (wink).

The next night Donx put that tooth back under his pillow and lo and behold the following morning he got double the typical offering with an apology!!

Yesterday, he came home from school and his super wiggly tooth was out.  He had his teacher yank that sucker out (his teacher is the official tooth puller outer, so says all the kids).  I assume he put it under his pillow at bed time, T does the tucking in so I guess he handled all of that.  Anyway, this morning he comes up and says that the tooth fairy didn't come, again, because someone was awake, again.  I was shocked.  I told him that seems so if the tooth fairy didn't visit, he immediately started to cry.  No dramatics this time.  I looked at T, who came swooping over.  He couldn't make eye contact, not once!  I kept staring (more like staring daggers at him) not once did he turn to look my way!  

Strike 2, tooth fairy!  I'm writing the committee of all magical/secretive/imaginary "people" demanding for a new tooth fairy appointee in my house!

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