POYEL: Project 4 - Summer Schedule

It's been awhile since the last Project Organize Your Entire Life (POYEL) update, but none the less I present Project 4, the summer schedule.  My kids have been out of school for almost 2 weeks now and they are loving it.  From my experience, and talking with other parents everyone likes to handle summer vacations differently.  For my family I like to keep the kids busy and active and give them as much outdoor time as possible.  

I typically start planning for  summer break in April/May, this is usually when most places start publicizing all their summer activities/classes.  My boys become quite moody and annoying if they are not busy but that's not to say that they are not given time to relax and just hang out and be a kid.  Our summer usually consists of various week long 1/2 day camps through out the summer.  This works great for us because it gets the boys out of the houes in the morning and then they are home with me for lunch and then we use the rest of the day to together.  This together time manifests itself in numerous ways: movie date, baking, crafts, going to the pool.  

Usually a few weeks before school gets out I'll sit down with the boys and we'll make a list of all the things they would like for us to do together over the summer.  Here's a snapshot of our list:

This method works extremely well for us.  However last year I was very regimented about our days and I filled in all the gaps throughout the day so it looked something like this:

9-12pm:  Day Camp
1-3pm: Crafts - Robots & Cars
3-dinner:  Outside play/free time

Morning Free time
10-12 Movie/park/fountain play
1-3 baking
3-dinner reading time in a tent -free time

That was fine for last year, every thing was super structured.  This year I'm not planning out each day for the entire summer instead we're planning on a week to week basis and the boys definitely have more input on the activities we do within each week.  I know they want to include lots of time with friends coming over for play dates so that will make for some fantastic outside playtime.

Their camps this year are very spread out through the summer and this is the first time they are not on the exact same camp schedule.  I did this on purpose so it would allow my boys to really branch out on their own and also allow myself and T to spend some quality time with one boy at a time, something that they don't get as often as I would like.  Some of the camps they are taking this summer is:
Big Red:
Film Making
Comic Book Writing
Lego Robotics

2-week Skateboarding camp
Lego Engineering

They have been so excited about their summer and as always spending this time with them is priceless and I cannot wait to really dive into all the projects we thought up together!  

You can read the full post for this project over at MPMK.

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