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I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to shopping for boys clothes.  Anyone with boys will be familiar with this feeling.  When it comes to boys clothes, the following is always true:
  1. The selection always sucks
  2. YOUR needed size is always sold out
  3. The boys section in any store is always a quarter of the size of the girls section
The above made me resent people with little girls who had a plethora of styles, colors and sizes to choose from.  Before I had Crash I would get so frustrated when it came to kid clothes shopping.  I knew I wouldn't have a large selection to choose from, and the chances of finding Big Red and Donx's sizes were slim to none.  When they were little T and I had great paying jobs so I had no problem shopping at places like Barney's or Fred Segals.  I knew shopping at those stores I wouldn't come up empty handed.  I paid for it but they were awesome kid clothes.  Now that the boys are older they really wear out their clothes.  Yes, boys really do abuse their clothes.  For example, Donx started the school year with about 6 or 7 pairs of jeans and all but 2 pair have gigantic holes in the knees.
I tend to avoid places like Old Navy when I shop for the boys.  I've had bad experiences going there, especially when there are sales.  It was quite pathetic.  I go in with high hopes, thinking "this is a big popular store, they must replenish their stock quickly." I couldn't have been further from reality.  On one occasion there was nearly nothing but one or two tables of graphic tees and sweaters for boys.  I'm not talking about baby boy clothes but rather school aged, size 6 and up boy clothes.  This was so depressing and frustrating!  It seems like once a little boy is no longer in "baby/toddler" sized clothes it gets more difficult to find them cute/cool/fashionable/whatever stuff until they get to be a size 10 or so.

Big Red is pretty relaxed when it comes to what he puts on his back.  For the most part comfort is #1 and then depending on where we are going he will dress up.  The opening photo is what he wore to school this past week since they had their spring performance and he wanted to look nice.  Donx on the other hand is totally conscious about what he wears and is very specific about what kind of clothes I buy for him.  He is not a fan of typical "kid shirts," meaning no cartoon characters.  He only likes skinny jeans, shoes that he can skate in and he prefers long sleeved over short sleeved. Sheesh.....

So these days I take into account how quickly my boys grow out of their clothes and how badly their clothes are abused.  I shop sales, off season clearance and buy for the following year, consignment and I even hit up thrift shops.  I've been luckily finding them all that they need this way.  Last Spring I bought them this year's winter coats.  The coats were originally about $80 during that season but buying them off season I got each coat for $7.90!  They were warm, water proof winter coats with a zip out water proof, fleece lined jacket!  Not bad, huh?  I also do a lot of online shopping, specifically during end of season sale periods, but really I shop, errrr....browse, for them all year long, I don't care about the season, I just do the math and buy for the future.  

This is true for shoe shopping as well.  There feet grow as quickly as weeds and I really do feel like I'm buying them shoes every 3 months.  I buy on sale, and in a larger size but shoes aren't as easy to calculate for.  I take my best guess when I try to buy sandals in the winter for use in the spring.  Sometimes it works and sometimes shoes I buy for Big Red end up fitting Donx when the time comes.  

Some of my favorite online resources for the boys are:
Kohls clearance
Amazon clearance

Some of my brick & mortar haunts are:
Nordstrom Rack
TJ Maxx
Crazy 8's (online as well)
Local Consignment Shops

I wish shopping for boys were as easy as shopping for girls.  Even though I have a daughter I still resent the selection I am presented with for boys.  We've done good so far but I do wish we had a larger selection to choose from.

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