Field Trip: Around Town

My brother-in-law got into town last week Wednesday.  This is his second to visit to Portland and the kids have grown quite a bit since he last saw them, back in late 2010.  We've been having a great visit with him.  We have been doing a little bit of sightseeing and generally just hanging out around town.

On Thursday, the 7th, C and I went to Good Taste Noodle House in Chinatown.  I love a good won ton soup and even more than that great roasted char siu.  Chinese food outside of Hawaii scares me so when I do find a place that reminds me of HI Chinese food I am loyal!  Good Taste has two locations that I know of here in Portland; one on the eastside off of 82nd and the other in Chinatown.  Soups are massive and reasonably priced at about $7 a bowl.  The also have noodle dishes and rice dishes.  Their dry noodle char siu entree is delicious and comes with a side of soup/broth.  But really their soups are wear its at, especially with our typically wet, chili weather.  C hadn't had a decent won ton soup in years and taking him there was quite the treat.  He was blown away at the serving size and the price and the soup left him speechless!  Yes, it is THAT good!  After lunch we strolled around Chinatown and the south area of the Pearl before heading home to pick up T.  We had a plan of hitting up some distilleries once T was able to join us.  

There is an area in Southeast Portland called Distillery Row, and its exactly what it sounds like.  You can book tours that will take you to all the distilleries in the area but we wanted to do it ad hoc style since we knew we would be limited on time.  When C last visited we checked out Clear Creek Distillery in the NW area and it was fun and delicious so we decided to continue with the tradition.  This visit we hit up New Deal Distillery and House Spirits.  Each of these distilleries charged $5 for tastings and each venue had between 5-8 liquors to taste.  New Deal also waived the tasting fee if you decide to purchase any of their alcohol.  New Deal's flagship liquor is a Vodka, which was great.  They actually make 4 different vodka's, 2 gins and two liquors.  I did purchase two of their products, one which would normally turn me off because it would gross me out, its called Mudpuddle and is a Chocolate Vodka.  Yes go ahead and gag because I would, but god damn was it good!  I want to find something I can bake and add it to the batter, ala a rum cake.  House Spirits was our second stip and they had an awesome little tasting room.  Their Aviation Gin tasted so smooth and delicious and they offered an Aqua Vit, which was something I never tried before but it was reminiscent of a sambuca.  We ended buying a bottle of their White Dog which is part of their Stillroom Series so its not available in stores, just through their tasting room.  White Dog is their version of whiskey and my god does it go down easily!  

Thursday seems like it was a big day because we also had the sitter come buy and went to dinner at Laurelhurst Market.  Steaks and beer!  Tasty, tasty stuff!

Friday was low key, eating brunch at Gravy, shopping around Mississippi, and some evening batting cages and go karts!  

C picked a good week to visit Portland.  We've had the Rose Festival going on and this past weekend was Fleet Week and there were some fantastic ships to view.  Unlike last year, we did not get to tour the boats.  The Friday we were planning to, it was wet and didn't think it would that much fun carrying Crash around on a slick boat.  But the kids did get to check them out and seemed pretty satisfied with that once they realized the lines to board were ridiculously long.

Besides visiting distilleries we also visited a couple of wineries over the weekend.  Specifically Ponzi and Rex Hill.  The kids were insanely well behaved and both wineries and even took the opportunity to soak in the sun and hang out on the grounds of Rex Hill.  T & C took the boys to Oaks Amusement Park and they had a blast.  The weather was beautiful so we also took the opportunity to grill last night!  C is here for three more days and we've already had a fun filled, busy visit!
Beaverton Batting Cages

Malibu Raceway

Malibu Raceway

Fleet Week

Fleet Week


Uncle C, Donx & Crash at Rex Hill

Rex Hill Vineyards

Rex Hill Vineyards

Horseshoes at Rex Hill Vineyards

Actin' Sassy at Rex Hill Vinyards
House Spirits:  White Dog

Steak Tartare at Laurelhurst Market
Bone Marrow at Laurelhurst Market
Pulled to order Mozzerella with strawberries and saba at Laurelhurst Market

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