Field Trip: Seattle - The Museum of Flight

After what has felt like constant weeks of guests, we took a quick trip to Seattle.  The trip was actually an early birthday present for Big Red whose birthday is at the beginning of July.  We gave him the option of a birthday party, similar to what we did the previous year, or a road trip to Seattle to see the King Tut exhibit. And as any boy in to treasures and history he chose King Tut!  Yeah!!!!  But I will write more about that later.

One of the museums we decided to visit was The Museum of Flight.  We have membership to a few places here in Portland and never took advantage of the reciprocal benefits (aka ASTC-Passport Program) and figured this would be the perfect time!

Just south of Seattle is the Museum of Flight.  We've been to Evergreen Aviation numerous times, and are members.  We totally love that museum and with two boys its the perfect place to visit on a rainy (or not-so-rainy) day.  However the Museum of Flight has some amazing planes you just don't get to see at Evergreen and visitors are able to board these planes:

British Airways Concorde
Air Force One
the very first 747 prototype which took its first flight in the 60s  

Additionally, included into the museum is a gallery which was once home to the original Boeing factory.

We couldn't help but compare the two Aviation & Space Museums and our conclusion is this:  overall Evergreen has a much more extensive facility!  There were many overlaps in types of planes so there wasn't a ton that was super new for us to see but we did enjoy it, a lot.  I also noticed that while Evergreen has lots of different types of helicopters in their collection the Museum of Flight did not. The space collection at Evergreen is much more extensive but the Museum of Flight will be getting a space shuttle trainer at the end of the month so that's pretty awesome.  Lastly the above three, large planes located in the Museum of Flights Airpark is quite amazing especially the Concorde!  This is what evergreen lacks and if they did something similar and included some large passenger planes to there collection I think the collection would be rounded out.  I think the visit was totally worth it, we all enjoyed ourselves and our Evergreen membership got us in for free!  (Note:  Our OMSI membership would have gotten us in for free as well.)

The Great Gallery

Big Red & Crash in the cockpit

T & Crash in the narrow aisle of the Concorde

British Airways Concorde

The Presidents Ride:  Air Force One

Kiddos in front of the Space Gallery

Ghost Plane
Lunar Rover

Charon Test Vehicle

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