Have I mentioned how sick I am of this gray weather?  I am now!  Over the last couple of weeks the sun has been teasing us.  Making an appearance for a few days and then leaving us with a series of cold/wet days.  I'm sick of it.  I want the sun. And I want it here for good!  When Chicago was getting 70+ degrees and sun in March and I was waking up to 2+ inches of snow I was pissed.  Yeah the snow was cool since we didn't get much in Dec and Jan but c'mon, wether goods, enough is enough.

And beginning this weekend I think its all changing.  Saturday was chili but not as bad as it had been.  We had plans for friends but that turned to south when their daughter came home from school sick.  Normally a cold or cough doesn't scare us away but I feel like we've recently dealt with to much illness and I'm not ready to cross that bridge again.  Instead we went to a Faire in the Grove in Forest Grove, OR.  It was more mini Medieval Faire rather then full blown Ren Faire. Side note:  we've been dying to take the boys to a full on Ren Faire in all its turkey legs and chain mail glory and missed them all last year so this was a great introduction in to that world.  We had no clue where Forest Grove was and when we mapped it it didn't look to far and laughed at the near 1-hr driving time.  Well it was an hour all on surface streets which was a pain in the ass but ultimately it was worth it.  There was no chain mail or turkey legs but there were knights and maidens and people hawking medieval tchockes.
Big Red felt it necessary to get dressed up for the event.  He fit right in and he loved that he wasn't the only one in battle gear - although I do think he wished that battle ax was real!

Uhm....can I get one of these for my backyard?

Sir Donx & Lady Crash

Bro fight

We perused the fair but it was chili.  None of us thought of taking jackets and after an hour and a half we were all shivering and hungry.  There was none of the food you would normally find at a Ren Faire and the only option for food was the little cafe that was on the grounds.  The grounds was Mcmenamins Grand Lodge so it was their restaurant and all their restaurants are the same.  Decent but pricey for what you are buying.  We bit the bullet and hauled it down to Jack-in-the-Box (Whenever we cave for fast food the kids rejoice and think its xmas or something because we do this maybe 2-4/year).

Sunday was BEAUTIFUL!  It was the type of day all us Portlanders dream of.  So sunny!  You'd be a fool if you didn't bust out shorts/tees/tanks/dresses!  The boy's school was hosting a large art fair and it synched up with the reopening of the Farmers Market for the new season along with our towns Springfest and Wellness fair.  So our little bit of PDX was jumping. Tons of people, tons of food and tons of fun.  The art fair was fantastic.  The coordinator was able to get a bunch of fantastic vendors one of which was the makers of Crash's favorite cold weather gear, her cape.  The timing was perfect.  She has outgrown her cape a little.  The neck hole is rubbing right against her throat and she hates it, a lot.  The little girl does not like anything right up against her neck area so the cape has been silenced the last couple of months.  The owner brought a bunch of her capes to sell and a giant box of samples!  We asked what was up with the samples and she showed us the areas of imperfections and really, unless I made them myself I wouldn't be able to tell there was anything wrong.  So for nearly 95% off we bought Crash the next size up and we bought an extra for a buddy.  The boys could care less about the art fair and was more excited about seeing their friends, playing on the playground and to act like crazy people in the ginormous bouncy obstacle course that was set up by a local dentist office (spring & wellness fair remember).  We quickly checked out the farmers market and everything looked beautiful unfortunately we didn't need a lot.  We made sure to stop by our favorite meat place to pick up some charcuterie for some friends in Hawaii and then called it a day and headed to one of the best family friendly lunch spots on the SW side.  It was a pretty fantastic day and I do hope that this fabulous weather is here to stay!

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