Summer Planning: Camps, Outings, Fun in the City

Summer is just around the corner!  Actually, you wouldn't know it around our parts since the climate has been majorly sucking more than its not.  That photo up there was during our super quick trip to Hawaii last summer.  But summer, here in PDX snuck up on me and it hit me one day that the school year was almost over and I had somehow skipped over my "summer-planning-craziness-mode."  It's what I do and I hadn't done until just a couple of weeks ago.  My two school aged boys will be home for nearly 3-months and I needed to find them activities.  I have a paranoia of waiting to long and then having anything they would be remotely interested in be completely filled up and they will be left with things that 1)they aren't really into or 2)I'd have to make the choices and more than likely I'd enroll them in things they have zero interest in.

About a month ago I sat down with the boys to discuss summer camps and activities.  Their favorite spot is PJA, which has a fabulous Summer Discovery program.  PJA's summer programs run in June and include various weeklong camps that run form 9am-12pm.  Incoming kinders have their own set of classes to choose from, while incoming 1st-3rd graders have their set and last is incoming 4th-5th graders.  My boys were stoked for PJA but when we went through the course catalog they got bummed pretty quickly.  Donx is eligible for the 1-3 set and really only had his heart on a camp called Mathmagic; yes its all math!  He did the first round last summer and was eager to take the second round.  He was also interested in the Lego class again but it was to much of the same thing as last year and he really wanted something more in depth.  Big Red wanted to take Comic Book Writing again and anything to do with reading and writing is okay in my book.  There weren't a lot of classes he hadn't already taken and he was pretty bummed about it so I promised the boys I'd find similar classes elsewhere.

I'm not one for just regular, running around in a park summer day camp I figure if I have to pay for it I want them to learn something while having fun.  I figured the park camp would be a back up if I couldn't find any other "learning a new trade" camp.  Finally I came upon the offerings at OES and I signed the boys up for three classes each.  OES is comparable in price with PJA, their offerings run all summer long and most classes are a week long and are either from 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm.  I was pleasantly surprised by array of classes they offered everything from soccer to programming, to math and theater it was awesome - and the boys were more than thrilled with the options!  The boys are super stoked that there will be more advanced Lego classes, including Robotics, and bunch of baking/cooking classes and they can even fine tune their Chess skills.  OES sounds promising and I am so excited the boys were able to get into all their first choice classes!

Interspersed throughout the summer will be 2 sets of swimming clinics each and Donx will be going to 2 weeks of Skate camp.  Big Red has reminded me to enroll him in a Film Making class so I need to get on that.  Once I solidify the boys summer I'll be better able to figure out what i'll be doing with Crash.  Maybe add a few more days to her daycare schedule but maybe not.  I'm in no rush to put her into daycare more often but I need to do what will be ultimately the best for all the kids.

With the kids summer camps 99% squared away I need to get on the rest of the planning.  Per last summer I want to take the boys to the movies to see some of the big, kid friendly, summer blockbusters.  We are all totally siked to see Brave.  We've been in the process of putting together our big list of summer things and so far we have about 25 items which is probably more than enough but I like to let the boys think up all the summer possibilities and we tackle as best we can.  But so far they are excited for summer to begin, to take their classes and just have as much fun as possible!  Now we just need the sun and warmth to stay with us here in Portland!

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