POYEL: Project 3 - Examining Daily Routines

With the day-to-day falling into place as a result of all the POYEL's de-cluttering, cleaning lists/schedules and dinner plans created I have had time to reflect on my daily routine.  Not just what I do everyday and when and how I do it but really how things can be better, err, improved upon on a more intimate level.  If you're following along in MPMK's Project Organize Your Entire Life you may or may not have already completed or read up on Project #3 and more here.

Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but staying home with my kids is new for me.  I've been doing it for  just over a year now and its been a real learning experience and eye opener for me.  I've had to learn to re-prioritize certain habits in my life and really learn to let some things go and that its not okay to let other things go.  I've had to become more confident at taking a stand against my kids when the exhibit undesirable behavior because yes, I did have some guilt with the amount of, or lack of, time I actually spent with them and how my patience was thin or energy level was low when I was actually with them.  I think this first year with them has been good.  And now I can realize how I want our routine to be.  With summer around the corner this project couldn't present itself at a better time.

Daily Reminder of Being a Better Me for My Family

  1. Always get enough sleep each night!  Not enough sleep makes for a grouchy, lazy Amber which is not good for anyone!
  2. Coffee, always but not past 11am otherwise #1 will not really happen.
  3. Wake early enough to get all my computer needs completed.  This one is so important to me.  I've decided that having the kids see me on my computer (often) is not something i'm proud of nor do I want this to be the image of me in their heads when they are off at school.  So early morning browsing and when Crash is home, during her nap time.  The same is true with how and when I use the phone.
  4. If I can't do it all at once I do it when I can.  This is really for anything that I need to get done during the day.  I'm tired of stressing over what I can and cannot get done, this stress touches everyone around me and it sucks.  Now I do things as I have time even if it means prepping only a quarter of dinner now, some later and finishing it up when the boys get home from school.  (*This is where the POYEL Cleaning List really helps.  Organizing my daily/weekly/monthly "jobs" has been a huge assest in my day to day life!!!)
  5. Make time to cuddle, snuggle,laugh, talk and joke often and for as long as the child allows me to do it with them.
  6. Homework time has become quite the ritual.  It is no longer a bore for my son and its something we both look forward to because it is something that we do together.
  7. Including the kids with cooking/baking.  They all really enjoy this and they see it as such a special treat.
  8. I've been working hard to instill a sense of responsibility and ownership in my kids.  Using the Job Jar app has been a big help.  My kids go to the app, select their name and selects a job, each job has a point value (I assigned all jobs the exact same value) and once they earn 20pts. they can either use it to earn $1 or "bank" it towards more $$.
  9. Date Nights!!!!  This is big.  T and I try to have at least one date night a month.  It allows us to have dedicated couple time to reconnect and unwind. 
Ultimately this is all a work in progress but as I examine each day and the time I spend with my family, my routine will shift to make for the best use of our day and time we have with each other.  

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