Lego: The Art of the Brick

As I'm certain this is true of most boys, my boys are fanatical about Lego.  I believe we introduced the brightly colored brick into their life when Big Red was 3 or 3.5yrs old.  It started innocently enough with a small set and quickly grew to a major obsession and source of hours of creativeness and invention.  When we lived in California we would make the 2 hour drive down to Carlsbad to hit up Legoland a few times were year and spend the weekend down there so we could go to the park at least twice (here's my Yelp review).  We were season pass holders and it was money will spent!

Since those days the Lego collection has grown 10 times over.  It's one of those toys they never tire of and provides them with hours and hours of a good time.  Over the course of the last year there have been two separate Lego exhibits that have come to town.  The first was at the Portland Childrens Museum and was the Lego Castle Adventures exhibit.  On paper it seemed pretty cool and I took the boys during its first week.  They had a good time but ultimately they thought it was more for "little kids."

Recently a second Lego exhibit has come to town.  This time OMSI played host to The Art of the Brick. Holy amazingness!  This was impressive!  We were there for not even 5 seconds and the boys were shitting bricks, no pun intended.  There minds were blown!  Again this was an after school trip that I took them on and it was worth our time. The pieces on display for The Art of the Brick are true works of art.  What Nathan Saway has created is art and I am so happy I had the opportunity to see his creations.

Definitely check this exhibit out if it comes to your time.  For my SoCal friends, the exhibit will be at Forest Lawn Museum May 21-July 21.  

**sorry for the grainy photos, I forgot my camera and only had my phone

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